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A collection of muslim new born Baby Girl names started by letter Z

# English Arabic Meaning
2ZaaminahضامنهOne who stands surety for another one who helps.
3ZaaraBeautiful Flower.
4ZababaذبابہLeader, Head, Chief
5ZabiaظبیہLike Deer
6ZabiyahظبیهShe was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
7ZabreenزبرینDominant, exalted, upright.
8ZabyaظبیهFemale gazelle.
9Zadaغلبہ پانے والی
11Zafanaزفانہشیلہ نو
12ZafeeraضفیراOne who is a source of success, a successful lady.
14ZafiraظافرهVictorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir.
15ZafirahظفيرهVictorious, successful.
16Zafirah, ZaafirahVictorious, successful
17ZaghlulaزاغلولهYoung pigeon; fem. of Zaghlul.
18ZahabiaزھبیهGolden, precious.
20ZaharaFlower, beauty, star.
21ZaheenذهینClever, fast, intelligent, sharp.
22ZaheeraظھیرهHelper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. of Zahir.
23ZaheerahHelper, Assistant.
24ZahiaزاهیهPious, noble, grand, great.
25ZahidaزاھدهDevout, ascetic, a hermit, self-denying.
26ZahidahAscetic, abstentious
27ZahiraزاھرهBright, brilliant, shining, luminous, distinguished, lofty.
28ZahirahShining, luminous
29ZahraزھراءBright, brilliant, radiant, shining, luminous; fem. of Azhar.
30Zahra, ZahraaWhite
31ZahraaLady of Jannah.
32ZahrahزھرهFlower, blossom, beauty.
33ZahwahزهوهBeauty, pretty.
35ZaibaزیباBeautiful. Adorned
36ZaidGrowth, Increase.
37ZaidaزاﺋدهIncreasing, exceeding, excessive, growing, surplus; fem. of Zaid.
39ZainزینBeauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times.
40Zain, ZaynBeauty
41ZainaزینهFem. of Zayn; embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornament.
42ZainabزینبName of a beautiful tree exuding fragrance. Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and one daughter of Khalifa Ali.
43Zainab, Zaynaban ornamented tree; name of the daughter of the Prophet
44Zainbaزېن باBeautiful (Two words; Zain & Ba).
47ZaitunaزیتونهOlive; fem. of Zaytun.
49ZakiraذاکرهOne who speaks of, speaker.
50ZakirahOne who remembers Allah regularly.
51ZakiyaذکیهIntelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted.
53ZakiyyaزکیهPure, chaste, sinless, fem. of Zaki.
55ZalandaځالندهBright, masculine Zaland.
56ZalfaذلفاءThis was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
57ZamdaزمدهA plant that grows in quick sand.
59ZameenaIntelligent, Intellectual.
60ZamrudShe was a narrator of Hadith.
61ZamurdزمردA narrator of Hadith wife of Abu Hayyan al-Kasir was so named.
62ZamzamزمزمThe name of a spring in Arabia.
64ZanubiyaزنوبياName of a great Syrian queen.
65ZaqawatذکاوتWisdom, sharpness, prudence.
66Zar Mastaزر مستهZar - Gold, Masta - Excited.
67Zar MinaزرمينهZar - Gold, Mina - Love.
68Zar WareenزرورينDerived from Zarwari (The one who sprinkles Gold).
69ZaraزاراDawn, morning
70ZarafatظرافتWit, humour, wisdom, prudence.
71Zarbahaزر باحهGold.
72ZareefaظریفهElegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
73ZareenزرینFull of expression and smile.
75ZareenahA companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
78ZarifahBeauty, smart.
79ZarinزرینJust like Gold.
81ZariyaزاریهBeauty and Light.
82ZarkaزرقهElegant Bird (Crane).
84ZarminaLovely and precious gold.
85ZarnabزرنابPure Gold
86ZarqaزرقاءBluish green (eyes).
87ZarrahذرهShe was a narrator of Hadith who reported from the Prophet PBUH and Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
88ZartajزرتاجGold Crown.
89ZawiyaSlim Beauty
90ZayaanSomething beautiful.
92ZaybaAdornment; Beauty.
93ZaynabProper Name, Name of Prophet's Daughter.
94ZaynahضایٔنهBeautiful, Beauty
95Zaynah, ZainaBeautiful
97Zaytoonah(A single) Olive.
98Zeb Araزیب آراAdorning ornament.
99Zeb-un-Nisaزیب النساءAdornment of women.
100ZebaزیباPretty, beautiful.
101ZeenaزینأOrnament, Something beautiful.
102ZeenatزینتAdornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty.
107ZeradaزرادهGold maker.
108ZerinaPrincess, Smart, Inteligent.
110ZiaLight, Splendid
111ZibaظباءPl. of Zaby, gazelle.
112ZilalShade, Shadow
113Zilay uroojظل عروجZilay: Shadow, share Urooj; Height, Exalation.
114ZinaatزیناتPl. of Zinat, ornament.
116Zinah, ZinatAdornment, ornamentation
117Zinat-un-Nisaزینت النساءOrnament of women.
118ZiniaزینیاName of a flower.
119ZinneerahزنیرهName of a Sahabiyah RA.
122ZiyadaزیادهIncrease, addition, surplus, superabundance.
123ZiyanزیانOrnament, decoration.
124ZobiaزوبیهGod Gifted
127ZohalزهلMoon of another planet.
128ZoharinDawn, light of day
130ZohuraBeautiful, innocent and caring.
131ZoniraPrecious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
132ZoonaزوناWise Women
134ZoreedزوریدOne who meets, one with strong intentions, one with decisiveness, distance, gap.
136ZoyaزویاLife, age.
137ZubaahضباعهName of a Sahaabiyyah, daughter of the uncle of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
138ZubaidaزبیدهDiminutive of Zubda, butter, cream. Elite, choicest part, quintessence, essence, prime, flower.
139ZubaidahExcellent; name of the wife of Caliph Harun Al Rashid
140ZubaydahThis was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
142ZubiLoving and understanding.
143ZufashزفاشWhen light spreads over the world.
144ZuhaضحیBrightness, early morning.
145Zuha, ZuhaaAdornment
146ZuhairaزھیرهFloret, small flower.
147ZuharahPlanet Venus.
149ZuheraName of a planet.
150ZuhraزھرهVenus, brilliancy, brightness, flower.
152ZuhurزھورPl. of Zahrah, flower.
153Zukhrufظخروفpure Gold
154ZulaikhaزلیخهWife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
155ZulaykhaShe was a narrator of Hadith.
156ZulekhaBrilliant beauty.
157ZulfaزلفاءHaving a small and finely chiselled nose.
158ZulfahNearness, closeness.
161ZumzumSweet water of paradise.
162ZunairahزنیرهFlower found in paradise.
163ZurafaظرفاءElegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.

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