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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter I

# English Arabic Meaning
2Ibn Sinaابن سیناSina was the father of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina, the celebrated physician Avicenna.
3IbrahimابراھیمKind father, (combination of Abu, father and Rahim, kind) a Prophet's name.
4IbtisamابتسامSmiling, smile.
5IdFeast, festival
6IdrakادرکIntellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
7IdrisادریسA Prophet, the biblical Enoch/ Henoch.
8IfrazافرازHeight, altitude, elevation
9IftikharافتخارHonour, grace, glory, pride, repute.
10Iftikhar-ud-Dinافتخار الدینPride of the religion (Islam).
11Iftikharus SadatافتخارالساداتPride of the chiefs.
13IhsanKindness, beneficence; highest level of Iman
14Ihsanul Haqاحسان الحقKindness of the Truth (Allah).
15IhtiraamاحترامHonour, hold in honour.
16IhtiramHonour, hold in honour.
17IhtishaamاحتشامHaving many followers or dependents, magnificence.
18IhtishamModesty, decency
20IjazاعجازMiracle, inimitability, astonishment, wondrous nature.
21Ijazul Haqاعجاز الحقInimitability of the Truth (Allah).
22IjlalاجلالGlorification, exaltation, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
23IjliعجلیThis was the name of the makes of astrolables.
25IkhlasاخلاصSincerity, purity.
26IkhtiyarاختیارChoice, preference, selection.
27IklilاکلیلCrown, garland.
28IkramاکرامHonouring, glory, esteem, respect, veneration.
29Ikram-ul-Haqاکرام الحقGlory of the Truth (Allah).
30Ikramullahاکرام اللهGlory of Allah.
31IkrimaعکرمهA female pigeon. Name of an illustrious Sahabi.
32IkrimahOld Arabic name
34IlahiالھیMy lord (for Allah), divine.
35Ilahi Bakhshالھی بخشGift of Allah.
36IlanGood person.
37IlhamالھامInspiration, revelation.
39IliasA Prophets name (Elijah)
40IlifatFriendship, kindness, obligation.
41IltifatالتفاتFriendship, kindness, obligation.
42IltimasالتماسRequest, appeal, entreaty.
43IlyasالیاسA Prophet, the biblical Elias.
45ImadعمادSupport, pillar
46Imad al DinPillar of the faith
47Imad, ImadSupport, pillar
48Imaduddinعماد الدینPillar of the faith (Islam).
49ImamامامOne who leads communal prayer, leader, chief.
50ImanایمانBelief, faith in Allah.
51ImdadامدادHelp aid, support.
52ImranعمرانPopulation, civilization, careful observance of rules of etiquette. Father of Maryam (Mother of Prophet Isa) i.e. Mary, mother of Jesus.
53Imran, ImranLong lived; a Prophets name
54ImtiazامتیازDistinction, privilege, mark of honour.
55ImtiyazMark of distinction or excellence
56InaamReward, favour, Prize.
57InamانعامGift, present, prize, grant, reward.
58Inamul Haqانعام الحقGift of Truth (Allah).
59InayatعنایتCare, concern, favour, bounty, kindness.
60Inayatuddinعنایت الدینCare of religion (Islam).
61Inayatullahعنایت اللهCare of Allah.
62Inayatur Rahmanعنایت الرحمٰنCare of the most Gracious (Allah).
63InsafانصافJustice, impartiality, fairness, equity.
64InsarانصارHelper, supporter.
65InshaانشاءSentence, Writing, Essay; Famous poet: Ibn-e-Insha
66InshirahانشراحDelight, happiness, cheerfulness.
67IntajKing, magnificent.
68IntezarانتظارTo wait.
70Intisamانتساممعطر ہونا
71IntisarانتصارVictory, triumph.
73InzamamانضمامTo unite, to get together
74IqbalاقبالProsperity, good fortune, good-luck, responsiveness, welfare.
75IqraamTo be of assistance, respect.
76IqritعقرتA man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told.
77IqtidarاقتدارPower, Office, Authority.
78IrfanعرفانKnowledge, learning, perception, erudition, discernment, science, wisdom, knowledge
79Irfan, IrfanThankfulness
80IrshadارشادGuidance, guiding hand, instruction.
81IrtizaارتضاءContentment, approval.
82Irtiza HusainارتضاءحسینApproval of Husayn.
83IsaعیسیٰA Prophet, the biblical Jesus.
84Isa, Isa, EisaA Prophets name (Jesus)
86IsadاسعادMaking happy or prosperous, blessing, favoring.
88Isam, Isam, IssamSafeguard
89IsbahaniاصبھانیFrom Isbahan; quite a few people were kown by this name; Abu Bakr ibn Ashtah, among them; he wrote on the syntax and rhetoric of the Quran
90IshaqاسحاقOne who laughs. A Prophet, the biblical Isaac and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
91IshfaqاشفاقCompassion, sympathy, pity.
92IshratعشرتSociety, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
93IshtiyaqاشتیاقFondness, wish, desire, yearning, eagerness.
94IskafiاسکافیIskaf is a shoe-maker.
95IskandarاسکندرName of a Greek king, Alexander. Iskander Mirza: President of Pakistan (1956-58).
96IslahاصلاحReform, improvement, betterment.
97IslamاسلامTo bow ones head in submission, surrender (to the will of Allah) name of the religion of the Muslims.
98Isma'ilA Prophet's name.
99IsmahعصمهPreservation; infallibility; A 9th century scholar, ibn Hammad had this name.
100IsmailاسماعیلA Prophet, the biblical Ishmael and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
101IsmatعصمتPurity, chastity, modesty.
102IsraاسراءTravel by night.
103IsraailThe chosen one.
104IsrafilاسرافیلAngel who will blow the Trumpet
105IsrailاسراﺋیلAnother name of Prophet Yaqub.
106IsrarاسرارSecret, mystery.
108IstakhriاصطخریA Shafaee jurist, Abu Saeed Al-Hasan had this name.
109IstifaاصطفاءTo choose, to prefer, to give prefer to one over the other.
110ItakhایتاخThe name of Abu Mansur, the Turk;
111ItbanعتبانCensured, blamed;
113ItidalاعتدالModeration, moderateness, clemency.
114ItimadاعتمادReliance, dependence, confidence.
115ItsafاتصافThe one who praise.
118IyaazعیاضGenerous, Ibn Himar Mujashit had this name and he was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
119IyadایادSupport, might, strength.
120IyaliعیالیName of Abu Jafar, a jurist and disciple of Abu Tawr.
124IzazاعزازHonour, esteem, regard, affection, to respect an honour, or raise to an exalted position.
125IzazuddawlahاعزازالدولهHonour of the state.
126IzumازعمObedient, sincere.
127IzzعزPower, might, honour.
128Izz al DinMight of the faith
129IzzatعزتHonour, fame, power.
130IzzuddinعزالدینHonour of the religion (Islam).

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