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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter D

# English Arabic Meaning
1Da'wudA Prophet's Name.
2DaaminGuarantor, Surety.
3DaanishدانشWisdom, Learning, Science.
4DabbahLatch, door lock.
5DabirدابرRoot, origin, ultimate, bygone.
6DaboorدبورMorning breeze.
7DafiqدافقJubilant, buoyant, active.
8DagarډگرOpen Space / Battle Field.
9DaghfalدغفلIbn-Hanzalah had this name and he was the first genealogist of Islam.
10DahbalدھبلThis ws the name of Wahb Ibn Zamai; who was a very noble, generous man.
11DahhakضحاکOne who laughs much.
12DahiداحیLion, rapid.
13DaibداعبHappy fellow.
14DaiyanدیانA mighty ruler, judge, guard, protector.
15DakhilدخیلForeigner, stranger.
16DalajدعلجA mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahmad al-Sajazi, had this name, he was a very generous person.
17DalerدلیرBrave, valiant.
18DalilدلیلGuide, model, leader, example.
19DameerHeart, Conscience.
20DamurahSparkle of light, fire.
21DanaداناWise, learned.
23DanishدانشWisdom, Learning, Science.
24DaniyalدانیالA Prophet of Allah.
25DaraداراPossessor, sovereign.
26DarabدرابBig gate, a name: Justice Darab Patel
27DarakhshanدرخشاںBright, shining, pearl-like.
28DarimدارمThis was the name of a narrator of Hadith.
30DarmanدرمانCure, treatment.
31DarrakدراکPrudent, wise.
32DarveshدرویشHoly man.
36DastgirدستگیرProtector, saint.
37Daud, DawudBeloved; a Prophets name (David)
38DaudiداٶدیA flower.
40DawarداورRuler, judge.
42DawlahدولهRiches, happiness
43DawoodداٶدA Prophet and father of Prophet Suleiman. In Bible, he is known as David.
44DawoudA Prophet's name
45DayimداﺋمEverlasting, perpetual, for ever.
46DaylamدیلمName of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
47DayyanدیانA mighty Ruler.
50DhakirذاکرOne who remembers God frequently.
51DhakiyذکیIntelligent, bright.
53DhiyaLight, splendour.
54Dhul FiqarName of the Prophets sword
55DiarديارAn expensive wood.
56DidarدیدارVision, sight.
57DihyahدحیهCommander of troops.
58DilدلHeart, mind.
59Dil NawazدلنوازSoothing heart, mind.
60DilafrozدلافروزCaptivating, attractive.
61DilawarدلاورBold, brave.
62DildarدلدارCharming, beloved.
63DinدینReligion, faith, belief.
64DinaدیناIt was the name of the grandfater of Abu Bin Thabit.
65DinarName of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
66DirarدرارOld Arabic name.
67DiwanدیوانRoyal court, tribunal of justice.
68Diwan Muhammadدیوان محمدCourt of the Prophet Muhammad.
69DiyaدیاBrightness, light.
70Diya al DinBrightness of the faith
71DiyanدیانJudge, leader, captain.
72DiyariA gift, or a present.
73DizhwarMean, strong.
75Dost Muhammadدوست محمدFriend of the Prophet Muhammad.
77DuhaضحیForenoon, (This name is generally pronounced as Zohya in non-Arabic speaking countries like Pakistan/India).

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