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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter T

# English Arabic Meaning
1TaahidتعاهدTo console, to guard.
2TaaiطاءعObedient, willing.
4TaarazتارزPowerful, strong.
5TabanتابانResplendent, Glittering.
6TabarikتبارکTo be magnified greatly.
8TabbahطابهAnother name of madina city.
9TabbarتبارFamily, caste, race.
10TabeedتابیدGlitter, curve, shine, brightness.
11TabeenتابینFollowers, those who believe, fans.
12TabishتابشHeat, Brilliancy.
13TabnakتابناکHot, bright.
14TabridتبریدTo cool.
15TafazzulتفضلCourteousness, favour kindness, beneficence.
16Tafazzul Husainتفضل حسینFavour of Husain.
17TafheemتفهیمUndersanding, knowledge, know-how.
18TahaطهMystic letters at the beginning of Surat Taha, from which the sura derives its title.
19TahawwurتہورTemerity, rashness, intrepidity.
20TahbeerتحبیرDecorate, beautify.
23TahfeezتحفیظTo praise, to describe.
25TahirطاھرVirtuous, pure, pious, modest, clean, chest.
26TahleemتحلیمOrnament, beauty.
27TahmeedتحمیدPraise, appreciation, recitation of good will.
28TahmidتحمیدPraising Allah, saying Al-Hamdulillah.
30TahseenAcclaim, appreciation.
31TahsinتحسینAdornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment.
32TaibتاﺋبRepentant, penitent.
33TaifطیفVision, specter.
34Taifur Rahmanطیف الرحمٰنVision of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
35Taim Allah, Taym AllahServant of God
36Taimullahتیم اللهServant of Allah.
37TaimurتیمورA famous king, iron.
38TaisirتیسیرMaking easy, facilitating, simplification.
40Taj al DinCrown of the faith
41Taj Bakhshتاج بخشKing maker.
43TajammulتجملDignity, Magnificence, Pomp.
44Tajammul Husainتجمل حسینAdornment of Hussain.
45TajdarتاجدارRuler, king, emperor, royal member.
46Tajuddinتاج الدینCrown of the religion (Islam).
47TajudinnCrown of religion.
48Tajul Islamتاج الاسلامCrown of Islam.
49TajwarتاجورKing, ruler, emperor, royal person.
51TalalطلالBeing pleasant, nice, admirable, agreeable, joy, a beautiful.. form or appearance.
52TalatطلعتAppearance, countenance.
53TalhaطلحهName of a Sahabi (R.A.) i.e. a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
54TalhahKind of tree.
55TaliطالعRising. Ascending, going up.
56TalibطالبStudent, seeker, pursuer.
57TalimتعلیمEducation, instruction.
58TalishطالشGlittering, bright.
60TalootطالوتCommander of Banu-Israil's Army
61TalumتالمBe sympathetic.
63TamannaتمناWish, desire.
64TameemPerfect, complete.
65TameezDiscretion, sense, manners.
67TamirتامرRich or abounding in dates, date seller.
68TamizتمیزDistinction, distinguishing, judgment discrimination.
69Tamiz-ud-DinتمیزالدینDistinction of the religion (Islam).
70TamjidتمجیدPraise, glorification, extolment.
71TamkeenتمکینDignity, Gravity.
72TammamPerfection, strength
73TanimتنيمWave of sea.
74TanveerتنویرRays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
75TanweelتنویلBestow upon, give.
77TanzeemتنظیمOrganization, arrangement, method.
78TanzilتنزیلRevelation, sending down.
79Tanzilur Rahmanتنزیل الرحمٰنRevelation of the merciful (Allah).
80TaqaddamتقدمReverance, sanctity, superiority.
81TaqiتقیGod fearing, devout, pious.
82Taqiuddinتقی الدینGod-fearing (person) of the religion (Islam).
83TaqiyDevout, God fearing
84TaqiyyPious, Righteous.
86TarazطرازOrnamentation, decoration.
87TareefتعریفPraise, hymn of God, definition, recognition.
88TareeqطریقMethod, way, mode, manner, operation, process.
89Tarif, TareefRare, uncommon
90TariqطارقNocturnal visitor.
91TaroonترونTie / Connection.
92TarubطروبLively, gleeful, merry.
93TasadduqتصدقBeneficence, benevolence.
94Tasadduq Husainتصدق حسینBenevolence of Husain.
95TasawwarتصورIdea, conception.
96TaseelتاثیلStrong, power.
97TaseenطاسینA name of the Prophet PBUH.
98TaseerتاثیرAn effect, impression.
99TashbeedتشبیبAdolesence, youth.
100TaslimتسلیمGreeting, salutation.
102TasneemتسنیمA heavenly fountain.
103TasneenA heavenly fountain.
104TasninتسنينA eavenly fountain.
105TatheerتطهیرPurity, cleanliness.
106TawasتاؤسName of a Bird.
107TawbahتوبهRepentance; Ibn Mudarras had this name.
108TawfeeqDivine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation.
109TawfiqتوفیقProsperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah).
110TawhidتوحیدBelief in the unity of Allah.
112TawqirتوقیرHonour, great respect, high regard.
114TawwabتوابMerciful, forgiving. Al-Tawwab, the All-compassionate: one of the names of Allah.
115Taymullahتيم اللهServant of God.
116TaymurتیمورBrave strong.
118TayyabطیبClean, Khushboo
119TayyibطیبGood, good-natured, generous, sweet, pure, chaste, good-tempered.
120TazamتعاظمBe superior or elder.
121TazeemHonor, Respect.
122TazimتعظیمGlorification, exaltation, honour.
123Tazimuddinتعظیم الدینGlorification of the religion (Islam).
124Tha'labahA narrator of hadith.
126ThamanPrice, Worth.
127ThamarFruit, Outcome.
128Thamer, ThamirFruitful, productive
129ThaqafTo surpass in skill.
130ThaqibShooting Star
131TharwatWealth, Fortune, riches.
132ThaubanTwo garments.
134ThawbanName of a companion of the Prophet
136ThumamahMillet (Plant).
137TihamiتھامیA title of the Prophet PBUH.
138TiraqطرقStrength, force, occupation.
139TirmiziالترمزیAbu Isa Muhammad al-Tirmidhi (824-92): compiler of the one collection of Prophet Muhammad.
140TolwakټولواکAuthority of everyone.
141ToobaطوبیGood news.
142ToryalتوريالSword Fighter.
144TreefطریفRare, uncommon, strange, curious.
145TufailطفیلIntercession, mediation, diminutive of Tifl, baby.
147TulaibطلیبName of a Sahabi who participated in thebattle of Badr.
148TulaybConcerning a) seeker, or one eho covets.
149TurabترابSoil, dust.
151TurhanOf mercy.

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