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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter L

# English Arabic Meaning
1LabeebUnderstanding, Sensible, Intelligent.
2LabibلبیبIntelligent, reasonable, rational, wise.
3Labib, LabeebSensible, intelligent
4LabidلبیدA companion
6LaeeqلئيقAble, fit, deserving.
7LahamلهامIntuition, conjecture, wisdom.
8Lahi'ahلھیعهBin Uqabah al-Misri a narrator of Hadith had this name.
9LaiqلاﺋقWorthy, deserving, capable, decent.
10LaisلیثA famous jurist had this name. bin Saad bin Abdur Rahman, Lion, polite, debonair
12LajbarلاجبرName of precious stone.
13LajlajلجلاجA companion of the Prophet PBUH al-Aamiree RA had this name.
14LalلعلName of precious stone.
15LaqeetلقیطBin Sabirah RA was a well-known companion of the Prophet PBUH.
16LaraibلاریبFaultless, pure, intact.
17LaskharلشکرSoldier, army.
18LatifلطیفKind, gracious, courteous, gentle, friendly.
19LayeeqلٔیقWorthy, capable, clever, sensible.
21LayyinلینTender, resilient.
22LazimلازمFitting, compulsory, needed.
23LiaquatلیاقتDecorum, decency, competence, worth, capability, merit.
24LibanلبانSuccesfull, charmed
25LimazahلمازهIbn Zabbar had this name; he was a narrator of hadith.
26LisanلسانTongue, language.
27Lisanuddinلسان الدینLanguage of religion (Islam).
28LiyaqatWorth, deserving, merit.
29LodhiلودھیA famous Afghan tribe.
32Lubaid, LubaydOld Arabic name
33LuqmanلقمانThe sage Luqman.. is the type of perfect wisdom, Lokman.
34LutلوطName of a great Prophet of Allah.
35LutfلطفKindness, friendliness, gentleness, grace, courtesy, favour (from Allah).
36Lutf-ul-Baariلطف الباریKindness of the Creator.
37Lutf-ur-Rahmanلطف الرحمٰنFavour of the All-merciful (Allah).
38LutfiلطفیKind, friendly, courteous.
39Lutfullahلطف اللهKindness of Allah, favour of Allah.

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