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A collection of muslim new born Baby Girl names started by letter G

# English Arabic Meaning
3GazalaIntelligent, charming
4GhadaغادهDelicate young girl, beautiful young woman, youthful and beautiful woman.
6Ghadah, GhaadaBeautiful
7GhadeerغدیرBrook, rivulet, small stream.
8GhadiaغادیهMorning, cloud.
9GhadirغادرShe was the slave of Musa al-Hadi and then Haroon Rashid (AN)
10GhafiraغافرهOne who hides other's sins.
11GhaidaغیداءYoung and delicate, soft.
12GhaliaغالیهPrecious, priceless, valuable, dear, beloved.
13GhalibaغالبهConqueror, victor, winner; fem. of Ghalib.
15GhaliyahFragrant, beloved, valuable.
16Ghaliyah, GhaaliyaDear, beloved, fragrant, expensive
18GhaneemahغنیمهSpoils, booty.
19GhaniaغانیهBeauty, beautiful girl, pretty girl, danseuse.
20GhaniyaغنیهRich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. of Ghani.
21GhaniyahPretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
23GhareebahغریبهStrange, foreign; the daughter of Salim bin Ahmad at-Tajir had this name (AN)
25GhasnaغصنهBud, blossom.
26GhatiyaغاطیهDynamic, moving.
28GhaydaغیدهYoung and delicate.
29Ghayda, GhaydaaYoung and delicate
30GhazalغزالGazelle, deer.
31GhazalaغزالهGazelle, a young deer, the sun.
32GhazalahFemale gazelle
33GhaziyaغازیهFemale Warrior.
34GhaziyahFemale Warrior.
35GhibtahغبطهShe was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
36GhinaغناءSinging, song.
37GhitbahShe was a narrator of hadith.
38GhizlanFrom gazzalle.
40GhufayrahغفیرهThis was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night. (AN)
41GhufranغفرانPardon, forgiveness.
42GhumaysaغمیصاءHer Kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; She was a front-rank companion RA and narrated ahadith. She died in the times of Sayyidina Usman RA.
43GhunchaغونچهBunch of flowers.
45Ghunwah or GhunyahIndispensible
46GhusnغصنBranch, twig; sing. of Ghusoon.
47GhusoonغصونBranches of a tree.
48GhusunغصونPl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
49Ghusun, GhusoonBranches of a tree
50GhuzayyahغزیهShe was also known as Ghuzaylah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
51GoharگوھرPrecious Stone.
53GulگلFlower, rose.
54Gul Azraگل عذراکنواری لڑکی
55Gul BadanگلبدنBeautiful body resembling rose.
56Gul BaharگلبھارRose spring.
57Gul Banoگل بانوPrincess of Flowers.
58Gul BargگلبرگRose petal.
59Gul Chehraگل چہرہBeautiful like flower
60Gul Izarگل عذارRosy-cheeked.
61Gul Makaiگل مکئHeroine of Famous Folk Tale (Musa Khan aw Gul Makai).
62Gul Mehtabگل مہتابMoon like flower.
63Gul Minaگل مينهLovely Flower.
64Gul Nasreenگل نسرینForest Flower.
65Gul Panrhaگل پانرھهFlower Petal.
66Gul Rangگل رنگRose-coloured.
67Gul Ruگل روRosy-faced.
68Gul Rukhگل رخRose-face.
69Gul Warinگل ورينDerived from Gulwari (the one who sprinkles flower).
70Gul-e-Ranaگل رعناBeautiful delicate scented rose.
71GulabگلابRose, rosewater.
74GulchinگلچينName of flower.
75GuldinگلدینOut of flowers.
76GuleenگلیںOne with beautiful smile.
77GulistanگلستانRose garden, garden.
78GulnarگلنارA plant whose flowers resemble pomegranates
79Gulnazگل نازCute like a flower
81GulsanaگلثانہUnbelievable Flower.

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