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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter A

# English Arabic Meaning
1Aabanآبان8th Persian month, angel of iron
2AabdarآبدارBright, like glass.
4AadamآدمThe first prophet of Allah, and first human being sent to the earth.
5AadheenآدھینObedient, submissive.
6AadhilعدلHonorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
7AadilJust, Upright.
9AafiyaعافیهGood health; Bin Ayyub had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith
11AalamعالمThe world, the universe.
12AaleeSublime, high.
13AaliعالیHigh, tall.
14AalimعالمScholar Plural is ulama normally used for religious scholors
15AamilعاملDoer, Work man.
20AaribآربHandsome, healthy.
21AarifKnowing, aware.
22AarizآریزLeader, ruler, leader of nation.
23AarzamآرزمWar, battle, quarrel.
24AarzuآرزوWish, hope, love.
26AasaalآصالEvening Time, Real, Pure
27AashifBold, courageous.
28AashiqعاشقAdorer, lover, suitor.
29Aashiq Aliعاشق علیAdorer of Ali.
30Aashiq Muhammadعاشق محمدAdorer of the Prophet Muhammad.
31AashirعاشرLiving; spending a life.
32AasifAn able minister.
33Aasimعا صمProtector
34AasirآسرCaptivating, fascinating.
35AatifKind Affectionate.
36AatiqعاطقFree; liberated; independent; name: Aatiq Ali; Muhammad Aatiq
38Aaufآوف(Awf) Guest, fragrance, lion, Name of a Sahabi.
39AazimعازمIntending; determining, resolved on, applying the mnind to an undertaking.
40AbaanآبانName of a great Muahaddith scholar of Hadith.
41AbadiyaعبادیهIbn al Abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style.
42AbahatاباحتCorrect, Accurate
43AbahhعباحAl-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun
44AbanابانOld Arabic name.
45AbasinاباسينThe Indus River.
46AbbaasعباسGloony look,The uncle of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and well-known Sahabi(RA).
47AbbadعبادA great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun
48AbbasعباسA furious lion.
49AbboodعبودDevoted worshipper of Allah.
52AbdعبدServant, devotee, slave.
53Abd Al-AlaعبدالاعلیSlave of the High.
54Abd KhayrعبدخیرKhayr is all kinds of goodness and happiness. This was the name of Ibn-Yazid Al-Khaywani who fought with Sayyidina Ali RA.
55AbdahعبدهNick name of Abdur - Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist.
56AbdanعبدانIs derived from abd; a man, ibn Abi Harb had this name and al-jahiz wrote letters to him
57Abdud DaarعبدالضارServant of the Depriver
58Abdul AakhirعبدالآخرServant of the Last
59Abdul AaleeServant of the Most High.
60Abdul AdalعبدالعدلServant of the Just
61Abdul AdlServant of the Just
62Abdul AfuwعبدالعفوServant of the Forgiver
63Abdul AhadعبدالاحدServant of the only One (Allah).
64Abdul AleemعبدالعلیمServant of the All-knowing (Allah).
65Abdul AliعبدالعلیServant of the most High.
66Abdul AlimServant of the Omniscient
67Abdul AliyyServant of the Most High
68Abdul AwwalعبدالاولSlave of the First One.
69Abdul AzeezThe servant of the most powerful.
70Abdul AzimعبدالعظیمServant of the Mighty (Allah).
71Abdul AzizعبدالعزیزServant of the Almighty.
72Abdul BaariعبدالباریServant of the Creator.
73Abdul BaasitServant of the Extender and Creator.
74Abdul BadeeعبدالبدیعServant of the Inventor
75Abdul BadiServant of the Incomparable
76Abdul BaisعبدالباعثSlave of the one who raises from death.
77Abdul BaithServant of the Resurrector
78Abdul BaqiعبدالباقیServant of the Everlasting (Allah).
79Abdul BariعبدالباریSlave of the Creator
80Abdul BarrعبدالبرServant of the All-benign.
81Abdul BaseerعبدالبصیرSlave of the All-seeing.
82Abdul BasirServant of the All Seeing
83Abdul BasitعبدالباسطServant of the Expander (Allah).
84Abdul BatinعبدالباطنServant of the Inward.
85Abdul FattahعبدالفتاحServant of the conqueror (Allah).
86Abdul GhafaarServant of the Forgiver
87Abdul GhaffarعبدالغفارServant of the All-forgiving (Allah).
88Abdul GhafoorServant of the Forgiver
89Abdul GhafurعبدالغفورServant of the All-forgiving.
90Abdul GhaniعبدالغنیServant of the All-sufficient.
91Abdul HaafizعبدالحافظServant of the Guardian (Allah).
92Abdul HadiعبدالھادیServant of the Guide (Allah).
93Abdul HafeezعبدالحفیظServant of the Guardian (Allah).
94Abdul HafizServant of the Protector
95Abdul HakamعبدالحکمServant of the Arbitrator.
96Abdul HakeemعبدالحکیمServant of the All-wise (Allah).
97Abdul HakimعبدالحاکمServant of the Judge (Allah).
98Abdul HaleemServant of the Mild and Patient
99Abdul HalimعبدالحلیمServant of the All-element (Allah).
100Abdul HameedعبدالحمیدServant of the All-laudable (Allah).
101Abdul HamidServant of the Praised One
102Abdul HannanعبدالحنانSlave of the Merciful Forgiving.
103Abdul HaqعبدالحقServant of the Truth (Allah).
104Abdul HaqqServant of the Truth
105Abdul HaseebعبدالحسیبServant of the Reckoner.
106Abdul HasibServant of the Respected, Esteemed
107Abdul HayyعبدالحیServant of the Living (Allah).
108Abdul JabaarServant of the Mighty.
109Abdul JabbarعبدالجبارServant of the All-compeller/the Omnipotent (Allah).
110Abdul JaleelServant of the Great and Revered
111Abdul JalilعبدالجلیلServant of the Exalted (Allah).
112Abdul JameعبدالجامعServant of the Gatherer
113Abdul JamilعبدالجمیلServant of the Beautiful (Allah).
114Abdul JawwadعبدالجوادSlave of the most Bountiful.
115Abdul KabirعبدالکبیرServant of the Great
116Abdul KafiعبدالکافیServant of the All-sufficient (Allah).
117Abdul KareemServant of the Noble and Generous
118Abdul KarimعبدالکریمServant of the most generous (Allah).
119Abdul KhabirعبدالخبیرSlave of the one who is aware.
120Abdul KhafizابدالخافضServant of the Descender
121Abdul KhaliqعبدالخالقServant of the Creator (Allah).
122Abdul LateefServant of the Kind
123Abdul LatifعبدالطیفServant of the All-gentle (Allah).
124Abdul MaajidSlave of the Excellence.
125Abdul MaalikعبدالمالکServant of the Owner (Allah).
126Abdul MaaneعبدالمانعServant of the Withholder
127Abdul MajeedعبدالمجیدServant of the All-glorious (Allah).
128Abdul MajidعبدالماجدServant of the All-glorious (Allah).
129Abdul MalikعبدالملکServant of the King (Allah).
130Abdul ManiعبدالمانعSlave of one who prevents.
131Abdul MannanعبدالمنانSlave of the Benefactor.
132Abdul MateenSlave of the Firm.
133Abdul MatinعبدالمتینServant of the Strong (Allah).
134Abdul MoakhirعبدالمٶخرServant of the Retarder
135Abdul MoezعبدالمعزServant of the Honourer
136Abdul MohsiعبدالمحصیServant of the Surrounder
137Abdul MomitعبدالممیتServant of the Death-giver
138Abdul MoqitعبدالمقیتServant of the Energizer
139Abdul MubdeeSlave of the Originator.
140Abdul MubdiعبدالمبدیServant of the Originator
141Abdul MueedعبدالمعیدSlave of the Restorer, the Replroducer.
142Abdul MughniعبدالمغنیServant of the Enricher
143Abdul MuhaiminعبدالمھیمنServant of the All-preserver (Allah).
144Abdul MuhayminSlave of the Protector.
145Abdul MuhsiServant of the Reckoner
146Abdul MuhsinعبدالمحسنSlave of the Benefactor; Among the known people was ibn-Ghalbun Al-Suri.
147Abdul MuhyeeعبدالمحییSlave of the One Who gives life and sustains it.
148Abdul MuhyiServant of the Giver of Life
149Abdul MuidعبدالمعیدServant of the Restorer (Allah).
150Abdul MuizعبدالمعزSlave of the Honourer, the Exalter.
151Abdul MuizzServant of the Giver of Might and Glory
152Abdul MujeebServant of the Responder
153Abdul MujibعبدالمجیبServant of the Answerer (Allah).
154Abdul MuminعبدالمٔومنServant of the All-faithful (Allah).
155Abdul MunimعبدالمنعمServant of the Benefactor (Allah).
156Abdul MuntaqimعبدالمنتقمServant of the Revenger
157Abdul MuqaddimعبدالمقدمServant of the Promoter
158Abdul MuqeetعبدالمقیتSlave of the Sustainer.
159Abdul MuqsitعبدالمقسطSlave of the Just.
160Abdul MuqtadirعبدالمقتدرServant of the Omnipotent (Allah).
161Abdul MusawwirعبدالمصورServant of the Fashioner (Allah).
162Abdul MutaalServant of the Most High
163Abdul MutakabbirعبدالمتکبرServant of the Superb
164Abdul MutaliعبدالمتعالیServant of the most High (Allah).
165Abdul MutiعبدالمعطیServant of the Donor (Allah).
166Abdul MuttalibعبدالمطلبThis was the name of the grand father of the Prophet PBUH
167Abdul MuzanniعبدالمزنیHe was a narrator of Hadith.
168Abdul NafiعبدالنافعSlave of the Propitious.
169Abdul NaseerSlave of the Helper.
170Abdul NasirServant of the Helper, Protector
171Abdul NasserServant of the Victorious One
172Abdul NoorSlave of the one who is Light.
173Abdul NurServant of the Light
174Abdul QaadirServant of the Capable
175Abdul QabizعبدالقابضServant of the Withholder
176Abdul QadeerعبدالقدیرServant of the Powerful (Allah).
177Abdul QadirعبدالقادرServant of the Powerful (Allah).
178Abdul QahaarServant of the Subduer and the Almighty
179Abdul QahharعبدالقھارSlave of the Dominant
180Abdul QahirعبدالقاھرServant of the Subduer (Allah).
181Abdul QawiعبدالقویServant of the Mighty (Allah).
182Abdul QayyumعبدالقیومServant of the Eternal (Allah).
183Abdul QuddusعبدالقدوسServant of the All-Holy (Allah).
184Abdul QudoosServant of the Most Holy
185Abdul RaafiServant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
186Abdul RabbSlave of the Lord.
187Abdul RafiServant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
188Abdul RaheemServant of the Most Compassionate
189Abdul RahimServant of the Merciful
190Abdul RahmanServant of the Beneficent
191Abdul RaqibSlave of the Vigilant.
192Abdul RashidServant of the Rightly Guided One
193Abdul RaufServant of the Compassionate
194Abdul RazzaqServant of the Maintainer, the Provider
195Abdul SaburServant of the Patient
196Abdul SalamServant of the Peace
197Abdul SamadServant of the Eternal
198Abdul SamiServant of the All Hearing
199Abdul SattarعبدالستارThe Servant of the Protector
200Abdul ShahidServant of the Witness
201Abdul ShakoorعبدالشکورServant of the All-thankful (Allah).
202Abdul ShakurServant of the Most Thankful
203Abdul TawwabServant of the Forgiver
204Abdul VajedعبدالواجدServant of the Finder
205Abdul VakilعبدالوکیلServant of the Implementor
206Abdul WaaliعبدالوالیServant of the Inheritor
207Abdul WaaseعبدالواسعServant of the Vast
208Abdul WadoodعبدالودودServant of the All-loving (Allah).
209Abdul WadudServant of the Loving
210Abdul WahhabعبدالوھابServant of the All-give (Allah).
211Abdul WahidعبدالواحدServant of the One (Allah).
212Abdul WajidServant of the Finder
213Abdul WakilServant of the Trustee
214Abdul WaliعبدالولیServant of the Comrade
215Abdul WaliyServant of the Protecting
216Abdul WarisعبدالوارثServant of the Survivor
217Abdul WarithServant of the Supreme Inheritor
218Abdul WasiSlave of the All Embracing.
219Abdul ZahirServant of the Manifest
220Abdul, Abdel, Abd alServant (of Allah)
221Abdul-AaleeServant of the Most High.
222Abdul-AdheemServant of the Most Great.
223Abdul-AleemServant of the All-Knowing.
224Abdul-BaaqiServant of the Everlasting.
225Abdul-BaariServant of the Evolver.
226Abdul-BaasitServant of the Expander.
227Abdul-BarrServant of the source of Goodness.
228Abdul-DhahirServant of the Manifest.
229Abdul-GhaffarServant of the forgiver.
230Abdul-GhafurServant of the All-Forgiving.
231Abdul-GhaniServant of the Self-Sufficient.
232Abdul-HadiServant of the Guide.
233Abdul-HafeedhServant of the Preserver.
234Abdul-HakeemServant of the Wise.
235Abdul-HaleemServant of the Forbearing One.
236Abdul-HameedServant of the Praiseworthy.
237Abdul-HaqqServant of the Truth.
238Abdul-HaseebServant of the Reckoner.
239Abdul-JabbarServant of the Compeller.
240Abdul-JaleelServant of the Sublime One.
241Abdul-KareemServant of the Most Generous.
242Abdul-KhaliqServant of the Creator.
243Abdul-LateefServant of the Subtle One.
244Abdul-MajeedServant of the Most Glorious.
245Abdul-MajidServant of the Noble.
246Abdul-MalikServant of the Sovereign Lord.
247Abdul-Mu'eidServant of the Restorer.
248Abdul-Mu'izzServant of the Honourer.
249Abdul-MughniServant of the Enricher.
250Abdul-MujeebServant of the Responsive.
251Abdul-MuminServant of the Guardian of Faith.
252Abdul-MuqtadirServant of the Powerful.
253Abdul-Muta'aleeServant of the Most Exalted.
254Abdul-NurServant of the Light.
255Abdul-QaadirServant of the Able.
256Abdul-QahharServant of the Subduer.
257Abdul-QaiyoumServant of the Self-Sustaining.
258Abdul-QuddusServant of the Holy.
259Abdul-WaajidServant of the Finder.
260Abdul-WadoodServant of the Loving.
261Abdul-WahhabServant of the Best-ower.
262Abdul-WarithServant of the Supreme Inheritor.
263AbdullahعبداللهServant of Allah, slave of Allah; name of Prophet Muhammad's Father.
264Abdun NaafeعبدالنافعServant of the Giver of Gains
265Abdun NasirعبدالناصرServant of the Helper (Allah).
266Abdun NoorعبدالنورServant of the Light.
267Abdur RabعبدالربServant of the Lord (Allah).
268Abdur RafiعبدالرفیعServant of the Exalted (Allah).
269Abdur RahimعبدالرحیمServant of the most Merciful (Allah).
270Abdur RahmanعبدالرحمٰنServant of the most Gracious (Allah).
271Abdur RaoofعبدالرٶفServant of the Compassionate
272Abdur RaqibعبدالرقیبServant of the Observer (Allah).
273Abdur RasheedعبدالرشیدServant of the Right-minded (Allah).
274Abdur RashidSlave of the Guide.
275Abdur RaufعبدالرٔووفServant of the most Kind (Allah).
276Abdur RazzaqعبدالرزاقServant of the All-provider (Allah).
277Abdur-RaheemServant of the Most Merciful.
278Abdur-RahmanServant of the Most Gracious.
279Abdur-RaqeebServant of the Watchful.
280Abdur-RasheedServant of the Guide to Right Path.
281Abdur-RaufServant of the Compassionate.
282Abdur-RazzaqServant of the Provider.
283AbdusعبدوسIbn Khallad was so named; he was a narrator of Hadith.
284Abdus SaboorعبدالصبورServant of the Patient (Allah).
285Abdus SaburSlave of the Forbearing.
286Abdus SalaamSlave of the Giver of Peace.
287Abdus SalamعبدالسلامServant of the All-peaceable.
288Abdus SamadعبدالصمدServant of the Eternal (Allah).
289Abdus SamiعبدالسمیعServant of the All-hearing (Allah).
290Abdus SattarعبدالستارServant of the Veiler of sin (Allah).
291Abdus ShafiSlave of the Healer.
292Abdus SubboohSlave of the Extremely pure.
293Abdus SubhanعبدالسبحانServant of the Glory (Allah).
294Abdus SuboohعبدالسبوحSlave of the Extremely pure.
295Abdus-SabourServant of the Patient.
296Abdus-SalaamServant of the Source of Peace.
297Abdus-SamadServant of the Eternal.
298Abdus-SameeiServant of the All-Hearing.
299Abdus-ShaheedServant of the Witness.
300Abdus-ShakurServant of the Appreciative.
301Abdush ShafiعبدالشافعSlave of the Healer.
302Abdush ShaheedعبدالشھیدServant of the Witness
303Abdush ShahidعبدالشاھدSlave of the witness.
304Abdut TawwabعبدالتوابServant of the most forgiving (Allah).
305Abduz ZahirعبدالظاھرServant of the Overt
307AbidعابدWorshipper, adorer, devout.
308AbidinعابدینPl. of Abid. i.e. worshippers, A popular name among Muslims.
309AbidullahعابداللهWorshipper of Allah.
310AbirعابرAroma, Strong
311AbisaliWarrior in Islam.
312AbradابردHail, Mail, Ibn Ashras a Narrator of Hadith had this name.
313AbramابرامNeed, stong grip.
314AbrarابرارPl. of Birr, obedience, gift.
315AbrashابرشSpotted, speckled; A master of penmanship during the early Abbasid period had this name.
316AbrazابرازShow, unfolded divulged mystery.
317AbreeqابریقGlittering sword.
318AbsarابصارPl. of Basar, vision, sight.
319AbsatابساطWide, vast, spacious.
320AbshamابشامA tree which has scent.
321AbsiعبسیProbably from Abasa to frown; this was the name of Abdullah Ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829
322Abt'hiابطحیOne who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
323AbteenآبتینFather of Faridoon (a king).
324Abu al KhayrOne who does good
325Abu Ayyubابو ایوبA well-known Sahabi who had received the honour of offering hospitality to the Prophet Muhammad when he migrated to Madinah.
326Abu BakrابوبکرFather of the young camel. The first Caliph of Islam.
327Abu DardaابودردآءFamous Sahabi of Rasoolullah PBUH.
328Abu DawudابوداؤدAuthor of one of the Sahih Hadith (d. 875).
329Abu Hanifaابو حنیفهFounder of the Hanafi school of thought/ Islamic Law.
330Abu HurairahابوھریرهA great Sahabi who is the narrator of many Ahadith (Traditions).
331Abu HuzaifahابوحذیفهA famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah PBUH.
332Abu Isaابو عیسیٰFather of Isa.
333Abu Juhafaابو جحیفهA Sahabi of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
334Abu Mahzoorahابو محذورهName of one companion of the Prophet of Allah.
335Abu Masoodابو مسعودA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
336Abu Moosaابو موسیA well-known Sahabi; his full name was Abu Moosa Al-Ashari
337Abu Saeedابو سعیدFather of dignified, name of a Sahabi (RA).
338Abu TalhaابوطلحهA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
339Abu Talibابو طالبFather of seeker; name of the Prophet Muhammad's uncle.
340Abu TurabابوترابAn attributive of Caliph Ali, the fourth of the 'rightly guided' Caliphs. The Prophet Muhammad gave him this epithet.
341Abu Ubaidahابو عبیدهA great Sahabi of the Prophet PBUH; one of the ten companions whom the Holy Prophet PBUH has declared as the people of Jannah.
342Abu Yousufابو یوسفName of a great jurist and pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah RA.
343Abu ZarابوذرA great Sahabi of the Prohet of Allah.
344Abul Alaaابو الاعلیٰFather of glory.
345Abul Barakatابو البرکاتFather of blessings, blissful.
346Abul Basharابو البشرFather of mankind. An epithet of Adam who was also the first Prophet.
347Abul Farahابو الفرحFather of joy i.e. happy, glad.
348Abul Farajابو الفرجPossessor of comfort, father of comfort, comfortable.
349Abul Fathابو الفتحFather of victory, victorious.
350Abul Fazlابو الفضلEndowed with bounty, grace.
351Abul HaisamابوالھیثمA Sahabi; also a great scholar of history.
352Abul Hasanابو الحسنFather of Hasan.
353Abul Husainابو الحسینFather of Husain: Caliph Ali.
354Abul Kalamابو الکلامFather of speech, eloquent.
355Abul Khairابو الخیرFather of good work, virtuous.
356Abul Mahasinابو المحاسنFather of virtues, merits.
357Abul Qasimابو القاسمFather of Qasim, an attributive name of the Prophet Muhammad.
358Abul Yumnابو الیمنFather of happiness, happy.
359Abul YusrابوالیسرA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
360Abul-HassanThe Son Of Ali.
361AbyadA narrator of hadith was so named.
362AbyanابینClearer, more distinct.
363AbyazابیضWhite, bright, brilliant.
364AbzariابزاریSeeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and memoriser of tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim had this name
365AdamآدمName of the first man and Prophet of Allah; father of mankind.
366Adan(Garden of) Eden
367AdawiعدویA grandson of Sayyidina Umer RA, famous for hsi piety and knowledge.
368Adbul-QawiServant of the Most Powerful.
369AdeebA literary Person.
370AdeelعدیلCoeval, match.
371AdeemادیمRed coloured perfumed leather, Surface of earth, soil.
372AdelعدلRighteous. Noble.
373Adel, AdilJust
375AdheenآدھینFollower, devotee.
376AdiعدیA Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah PBUH. And a son of Haatim Taai, a person famous for his in generosity; his full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim.
377AdibادیبWell-mannered, courteous, polished, man of letters.
378AdilعادلJust, upright, righteous.
379AdiyعدیA companion of the Prophet PBUH; also the name of the son of Hatim Taiy known for his generosity; also the son of Thabit had this name.
381AdliعدلیPertaining to justice.
382AdnanعدنانA descendant of Ismail and traditional ancestor of the North Arabian tribes.. who called themselves 'the sons of Adnan'.
383Adnan, AdnanOld Arabic name
384Aduz ZahirSlave of the Manifest.
385AdyanادیانReligions, plural of Din.
386aetishamایتیشامPreserving oneself from sin.
387AfaaqThe place where Earth & Sky meet.
388AfandiآفندیNoble, master, lord.
389AfaqآفاقA verse who has depth like skies.
390AfeefآفیفPure, Chaste, Pious.
391AffanعفانModest; Father of Caliph Usman.
392AfhamافهامWisdom, prudence.
393AfifعفیفChaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent.
394Afif, AfeefChaste, modest
395Afif-ud-Dinعفیف الدینVirtuous of the religion (Islam).
396AfkarافکارDestitue, poor.
397AflahافلحGaining success-but the Prophet PBUH has discouraged us from giving such names to our children.
398AfrazافراضMove higher, be taller.
399AfridiآفریدیA cast of Afghans.
400AfrozeافروزLightening, enlightening.
401AfsaافساءTransparent, clear.
403AfsanehآفسیهA fairy tale.
405Afsar-ud-DinافسرالدینAdorning the religion.
406AfshinافشینAfshin is a Persian and Turkish given name, derived from the princely title of the rulers of Ošrūsana at the time of the Muslim conquest.
408Aftab-ud-Dinآفتاب الدینSun of the religion (Islam).
409AftarافطارBreakfast the east.
410AfuwwعفوThe Pardoner; He who pardons all who repent sincerely as if they had no previous sin.
411AfzaalافضالKindness, grace, favours, virtues.
412AfzalافضلBetter, superior, prominent.
413AghaآغاHonorable Person
414AgharrاغرHandome, beautiful, distinguished, illustrious, noble, Magnanimous.
415AghlabاغلبSuperior, supreme.
416AhadاحدOne, unique, without partner; one of the names of Allah.
417AhdafاھدافPl. of Hadaf, aim, goal, target.
418AhkamاحکمStrong, durable.
419AhmadMost highly adored.
420Ahmad, AhmedMost highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name "Muhammad"
421AhmadullahاحمداللهI praise Allah.
422AhmarاحمرRed Coloured.
423AhmedاحمدThe most praised; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad; I praise (First person present imperfect verb).
424AhnafاحنفBin Qays bin Muwiyah bin Husayn at Tamimi had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith
425AhrazاحرازProtection, piety.
426AhsabاحسبNobler, more respected, of higher nobility.
427AhsanاحسنBetter, superior.
428Ahsanullahاحسان اللهFavor of God.
429AhwasاھوصHaving narrow, contracted or squinting eyes.
430AhyanاحیانEras, ages, times.
431AhzabاحزابConfederate Bin Aseed had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
432AidhName of a reciter of the Holy Quran.
434AimalاېملFriend, خوا خوږې
436AishahLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
437AizعیضThis was the name of a reciter of the Quran who followed the recital of Hamzah.
438AizaadایزادExtension, excess.
439AjaamاجامForest, Tree
440AjawidاجاویدPl. of Jawwad, open-handed, generous, noble.
444AjlahاجلحBald, hairless, Ibn Abdullah, a narrator of Hadith, had this name.
445AjmalاجملMore beautiful, extremely beautiful.
447AjtabaاجتبٰیFavourite, selected.
448AjwaadاجوادIntelligent, Talented,
449AjwadاجودBetter, more generous.
450AkbarاکبرGreater, bigger, greatest, most pious, honourable.
451AkeemآکیمWise, Intelligent
452AkfashاخفاشThere have been several men of this name; there were three grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century.
453AkhasاخٔسBin Khalfah was so named; he was a narrator of Hadith.
454AkhdanBest Friend.
455AkhfashThere have been several men of this name; there were grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century.
456AkhlaqاخلاقGood manners, morals.
457AkhmasاخماسBrave, valiant.
458AkhramاخرمClever, active.
459AkhtarاخترStar, good luck.
460AkhundاخوندHonorific title of someone learned in religious matters.
461Akhund ZadaاخوندزادهSon of a person learned in religious matters.
463AkifعاکفDevoted to, dedicated to, persevering in, busily engaged, attached, intent.
464AkilعاقلIntelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason.
465AkmalاکملMore complete, more perfect.
466AkramاکرمMore generous, nobler, bountiful.
467Al AbbasالعباسDescription of a lion; name of the Prophet s uncle.
468Al AminالأمینAn epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
469Al BurhanالبرھانThe proof.
470Al FaizالفاﺋزName of a Fatimid Caliph.
471Al MamoonالمامونSeventh Abbasid Caliph (813-33).
472Al RafiالرفیعOne of the names of Allah.
473Al SafiالصفیClear, pure, fine.
474Al SiddiqالصدیقThe truthful, title of Abu Bakr the first righteous Caliph.
475Al TahirالطاھرNickname of Abdullah, son of Muhammad who died in infancy.
476Al TayyibالطیبNickname of Abdullah, son of Muhammad who died in infancy.
477AlaNobility, excellence
478Ala al DinExcellence of faith
480Ala-ud-DinعلاءالدینGlory of religion, excellence of religion (Islam).
481AlaaعلاءHeight, elevation.
482Aladdin, Ala al dinNobility of faith
484AlamgirعالمگیرWorld conqueror.
485Alamzebعالم زيبWorld Beauty.
486AleemعلیمLearned, expert, scholar, omniscient; one of the names of Allah.
487Aleem-ul-Hudaعلم الھدیٰBanner of guidance.
488Aleemuddinعلیم الدینA learned person in religion.
489AlhanالحانEloquence, good voice.
490AlhasanThe handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson
491AlhazarالحزرSos, help.
492Alhusain, AlhusaynDiminutive of the handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson
493AliعلیHigh, lofty, sublime, eminent, excellence, noble, honourable; one of the names of Allah; fourth Caliph of Islam.
494Ali , Ali, AliyyThe highest, greatest, excellent, noble; name of the Prophets son in law and the fourth Caliph
495Ali Asgharعلی اصغرInfant son of Imam Husayn who attained martyrdom in the Karbala when he was a suckling baby.
496AlimWise or learned
497Allah Bakhshالله بخشGift of Allah.
499AlmahdiGuided to the right path
500AlmanالمانKind, willing and wiseman.
504AltafالطافPl. of Lutf, kindness, grace, favour.
505Altaf Hussainالطاف حسینKindness of Husain.
506AltairــThe flying eagle; also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra.
507AltamashالتمشFront-line army.
508AlwazالوازLight, brightness.
509AlyasaaالیسعElisha - a Prophet
510AmaadعمادPillar, post, support.
511AmaanامانTrust, safety, security, protection, tranquility, peace of mind, calmness.
512AmaarOne who prays 5 times and fasts.
514AmalعملHope, aspiration.
515Amalaعا ملهHope, Aspiration
516AmamSafety, Protection.
518AmaniامانیPl. of Umniya, wish, aspiration, hope.
519Amanuddinامان الدینTrust of religion (Islam).
520Amanullahامان اللهTrust, care of Allah, protection of Allah.
521AmarامرWork, problem, order
522AmeerامیرChieftain, ruler, prince, commander, lord, leader, master.
524AmidعمیدPillar, support, head.
525Amiduddawlahعمید الدولهSupport of the state, (It is used both as name & title).
526AminامینTrustworthy, faithful, reliable, custodian, honest.
527Amin, AmeenFaithful, trustworthy
528Aminuddinامین الدینTrustworthy in religion (Islam).
529AmirعامرProsperous, populous, civilized, full of life, large.
530Amir, AmeerRuler, prince, leader
531AmjaadامجادPl. of majd, glory, honour.
532AmjadامجدMost glorious, most distinguished, more illustrious, most venerable, most noble.
533AmmaarOne with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad.
534AmmarعمارVirtuous, pious, devout, religious, tolerant.
535Ammar, AmmarBuilder, constructor
536AmrBy my life A famous companion had this name, ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar.
537AmroعمروOld Arabic name.
541AnasahThe freed slave of the Prophet had this name.
543AneenانینGood, Hello.
545AneesانیسIntimate, friendly.
547AniqانیقNeat, elegant, smart.
548AnisانیسFriend, close companion, sociable, intimate friend, companion.
549AniyaConcern, Loving
551AnjumانجمPlural of Najm, stars.
553AnsaarانصارPl. of Nasir, friend, patron, supporter.
554AnsahانسهThe Freed slave of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
555AnsariانصاریRelation through ancestry to an Ansar; the people who helped the Prophet when he migrated to Madinah.
556AntarعنترHero in a story of chivalry.
557AntarahHeroic; name of an Arab folk hero
558AnwaarانوارPl. of noor, meaning light, glow, gleam.
559AnwarانورMore bright, more brilliant, more radiant, more luminous.
560AnwarulkarimانوارالکریمLights of the Beneficent (Allah).
561Anwarus SadatانوارالساداتThe most brilliant of the Sayyids.
562AnzarانضرHaving a good eye sight.
563AqdasاقدسMost holy, more or most sacred.
564AqeelعقیلInsight, mind, intellect, judiciousness, wise, sensible man.
566AqibعاقبSuccessor, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
567AqilOld Arabic name
568AqleemاقلیمGovernment, realm.
569AqmarاقمرBright, brilliant, luminous, moonlit.
570AqqaadعقادMaker of trimmings, haberdasher.
571AqrabاقربNear, close.
572AradعردName of an angel.
573ArafatعرفاتA plain twelve miles south west of Makkah where pilgrims spend a day performing special worship of Allah during the Hajj.
574AraizآریزNational leader.
576ArashآرشA hero in Persian folklore ( He is sacrificed )
577ArayshعریشShadower, Overshadower.
580ArdalanاردلانArdalan is An Iranian Kurdish Dynasty.
581ArdamاردمBrave, boldman.
582AreebاریبWise, intelligent, bright, brilliant, clever.
583AreefعریفLearned, expert, authority.
584AreejاریجFragrant, sweet-smelling.
585AreesاریسPeasant, farmer.
587ArefعارفWise, intelligent.
588ArfaaارفعVery high
591ArhamارحامKind, generous.
592ArifعارفLearned, expert, authority, saint, the highest position a mystic can attain.
593ArikahآریکهDecorated throne.
595ArkanارکانPl. of Rukn, support, prop, pillar.
596ArmaanارمانWish, desire.
598ArmeenارمینA character in Shahnameh.
599ArooshعروشAngle of heaven.
600ArqamارقمWriter, the best recorder; companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
601ArsalThe one who was sent.
604ArselارسلTo send, to ship, dispatch.
605ArshعرشSky, roof.
606ArshadارشدMost rightly guided, most reasonable.
607ArshanارشانStrong And Brave Man.
608ArshaqارشقHandsome, more elegant, more graceful.
609ArshiعرشیThe one living in Allah's place, angel.
611ArtahارطاهBin-Ashath was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
612ArwahاروحMore delicate, more gracious.
614ArzangارزنگAn ancient wrestler.
615As'adاسعدVirtuous, pious, happier, luckier.
616AsaadاسعادHelp, support.
618AsadelMost prosperous one
619AsadullahاسداللهLion of Allah. Title of Ali (R.A.).
620AsarFourth Prayer of the day.
621AsbaatاسباطBin Muhammad al-Qurashi a narrator of Hadith had this name.
622AsbaghاصبغColoured animal, huge flood, dyer.
623AsbatA narrator of hadith.
624AseedاسیدIbn Yazid, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
625AseelاثیلSon of elite family.
626AseerاثیرPreferred, noble, exquisite.
627AsfaاسفعTanned sun burned, Bin Asla had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
628AsgharاصغرYounger, smaller, minute.
629Ash'abاشعبLion, Diffcult, Strict.
630Asha'asاشعثScattered, Spread about, humble.
631Asha'athScattered, Spread about, humble.
632AshabاصھبReddish, blond, fair.
633AshajاشجAbu ad-Dunya al-Maghrabi, had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
634AsharاسحرWise, prudent.
635AshazOne in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet. There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents
636AshfaqاشفاقPl. of Shafaqa, kindness, compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, favours.
637AshhalاشھلHaving bluish-black eyes; Bin Hatim had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
638AshharاشهرFamous, popular.
640AshjaاشجعMore courageous, braver.
641AshkanاشکانHealthy, hearty.
642AshmathCorrect path, Straight path.
644AshrafاشرفMore honourable, most distinguished, eminent more nobler.
645Ashrafus Sadatاشرف الساداتMost noble of the Sayyids.
646AshrasاشرسAbu al-Hasan az-Ziyat a narrator of Hadith was so named.
647AsifآصفName of courtier in the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman who is noted for his intelligence.
648AsilاصیلOf noble origin, highborn, pure, pristine.
649AsimعاصمProtector, guardian, chaste, safe.
650Asim, AsimProtector, defender
651AsjadاصجدGold, Jewel.
654AslaاسلعThis name was the name of Asfa the narrator of Hadith.
655AslamاسلمVery safe, safeguarded, better, more perfect, more complete.
656AsmaاسماءHe was Ibn Harithah Al-Aslami.
657AsoodaآسودهProsperous, jolly, happy.
658AsraاسریٰTravel by night.
659AsrarاسرارSecrets, mysteries, pl. of Sirr, secret.
660AstaanاستانThreshold, gateway.
662AtaعطاءGift, present, favour, bounty, generosity.
663Ata al RahmanGift of the Beneficent
664Ata AllahGift of God
665Ata, AtaaGift
666AtabukاتابکProtector, guard.
667AtalاتلHero, Leader, Guide.
669AtaubaqHandsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share.
670AtaullahعطاءاللهGift of Allah.
671Ataur RahmanعطاءالرحمٰنGift of the merciful (Allah).
672Ateebاطیبpious, clean.
673AtharاطھرPurer, more virtuous, most pious, meticulously neat and clean.
674AthazazUnknown, Mystery, Maze.
675AthilFirmly rooted
676AthirFavored, preferred
677AtifعاطفCompassionate, affectionate, sympathetic, kind-hearted, loving.
678Atif, AtifCompassionate, sympathetic
679AtiqعتیقAncient, noble, antiquated.
680AtirعاطرFragrant, aromatic.
681AttaarعطارPerfumer, perfume vendor.
682AttaboakاتابکTeacher, Defender, Guide
683AttarعطارFragrance Seller.
685AtufعطوفAffectionate, kind-hearted, compassionate, loving.
686AtyabاطیبScrupulously clean, refined, most noble, excellent.
688AurangاورنگRoyal throne
689AurangzebاورنگزیبOrnament of the throne, a person befitting the throne.
690AusٔاوسMyrtle; ace (in cards); Name of a number of Sahaba, e.g. Aus ibn Sabit, Aus ibn Saamit, Aus ibn Kholy.
691AusafاوصافVirtues, merits.
692AwadعوضReward, compensation.
693Awad, AwadReward, compensation
694AwaisاویسNaim of a saint
695AwaizآویزDecorated, decked.
696Awalmirاول ميرPrime Chief.
697AwanاعوانFriend, supporter.
698AwanahعوانهMiddle-aged, fierce. Abu Awanah Al-Waddah was a scholar of Hadith and a reciter of Quran.
699AwfعوفGuest, fragrance, lion;
700AwnعونSupport, help.
701AwsTo give
702AwwabاوابSincere repentant, supplicant.
703AwwalاولFirst. Al-Awwal, the first: one of the names of Allah.
704AyaanعیانGift of God
705AyaatآیاتPl. of Ayat, sign, verse of the Quran.
706AyaazایازA trusted slave of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
707AyatآیهSign, revelation, verse of the Quran.
708AyatullahآیهاللهSign of Allah.
709AybakایبکIbn-Aybak was a leading historian.
710AydinآیدینBrilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon.
713AymanایمنLucky blessed, righ-hand, right, on the right, fortunate.
715Aynul Hasanعین الحسنHasan like. Hasan was the name of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson from his daughter Fatima.
716Aynul Hayatعین الحیاتFountain of Life.
717Aynun Naimعین النعیمFountain of blessing.
718AyserEasy in dealing, wealthy
720AyyubایوبA Prophet, the biblical Job.
721Ayyub, AyoobA Prophets name (Job)
723AzaadآزادFree, liberated.
724AzaamاذعامSubmission, prostration.
725AzaanاذانCall for the Pray, Strength & Power
726AzabTouring, travelling, wandering
729AzamاعظمGreater, greatest, more important, most important, most pious, most exalted.
730AzbakازبکIndependent, autonomous.
732Azeem, AzimDefender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities
733AzfarاظفرMost victorious, winner.
736AzhaarازھارPl. of Zahra, flower, blossom.
737AzhafازحفCourageous, elite.
738AzharاظھرMore evident, most apparent, most illuminated.
739AzharanازهرانThe sun and moon alike, to adopt, buds.
740AzimعظیمMight, magnificent, glorious, great, dignified, exalted, determined; one of the names of Allah.
741AzizعزیزMight, strong, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, one of the names of Allah.
742Aziz, AzizPowerful (dear)
743AzizullahعزیزاللهDear to Allah.
745AzliازلیFrom the beginning.
746AzmarayازمرېVarient for Zmaray (Lion).
747AzmatعظمتMajesty, pride, grandeur, greatness.
748AzmeerازمیرClever, pious.
749AzmiعزمیOne who fulfils his promise.
750AzrafاظرفMore elegant, more graceful; more humorous.
751AzraqازرقBlue; name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH, bin Qays.
752AzraqiازرقیHe was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
753AzudعضدUpper arm, strength, power, support.
754AzududdinعضدالدینSupport of religion (Islam).
755AzzamعزامVery determined, resolved, resolute.
756Azzam, AzzamDetermined, resolved

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