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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter F

# English Arabic Meaning
1FaaizفاﺋزVictorious, triumphant, successful.
2FaakhirProud, Excellent
3FaarisفارسHorseman, rider, knight, cavalier, hero.
5FaazفازVictorious, successful.
7FadilGenerous, honorable, superior
8FadlFavor, surplus
9Fadl AllahFavor of Allah
10FaeqSurpassing, excellent.
11FaghirفاغرA flower name
12FahadLynx, wild cat.
13FahdفھدLeopard, lynx.
14Fahd, FahadLeopard, lynx
15FaheemفھیمIntelligent, judicious, learned, erudite.
16FahmiفھمیIntelligent, intellectual.
17FahyimVery Clever.
18Faidفاﺋد فایدBenefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
19FaiqفاﺋقExcellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior.
20FaisalفیصلUmpire, arbitrator, decisive, sword, a judge.
21Faisal, FaysalDecisive
22FaizفیضSuper abundance, effluence, plenty, generosity, grace, favour, bounty.
23Faiz-e-Rabbaniفیض ربانیPossessing divine surplus.
24FaizaanGrace, Favour.
26FaiziفیضیEndowed with superabundance.
27Faizul Anwarفیض الانوارAbundance of light or graces.
28Faizullahفیض اللهAbundance from Allah.
29FajaruddinThe First.
30FajrفجرDawn, rise, beginning, start.
32FakhirفاخرExcellent, superior, magnificent, honourable, precious, proud.
33FakhrفخرGlory, pride, honour.
34Fakhr al DinPride of the faith
35Fakhr-ud-DawlahفخرالدولهGlory of kingdom/state.
36Fakhr-ud-DinفخرالدینPride of the religion (Islam).
37FakhriفخریProud (for noble cause), honorary.
38Fakhri, FakhryHonorary
40FalahفلاحSuccess, prosperity.
41FalihفالحFortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous.
42FaozفوزSuccess, victory, advantage, gain, salvation
43FaqeedفقیدRare, special.
44FaqeehJurist, Scholar of religious laws.
45FaqihفقیهJurist, scholar in fight (Islamic jurisprudence).
46FaqirفقیرPoor, needy, one renounces the world i.e. Sufi mendicant.
47FarafisaفرافصهName of a companion, bin Umayr Al-Hanafi.
48FarahatفرحاتJoys, delights.
49FarajفرجComfort, relief, ease, repose.
50Faraj, FarrajRelief, freedom from grief
51FarasatفراستPerception, sagacity.
52FarazفرازAscent, height.
54FareedUnique, incomparable.
57FarhalفرحالProsperous, bounteous.
58FarhanفرحانGlad, happy, joyful, cheerful, delighted.
60FarhatفرحتCalm, satisfaction, happiness.
61FariفارعTall, towering, lofty.
62FaridفریدUnique, matchless, precious.
63Farid, FareedUnique, rare
64FariduddinفریدالدینUnique of the religion (Islam).
65FaridunفريدونThree times strong.
66FarihفارحHappy, delight.
67Fariq, FareeqLieutenant General
69FarisفارسHorseman, knight.
70FarizفریزPromising, determined.
71FarjadفرجدExcellent, Eminent In Learning.
73FarmanفرمانOrder, decree.
74Farmanullahفرمان اللهOrder of Allah.
75FarookhفروخSprout, shoot, young (bird).
76FarooqفاروقOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood and right from wrong. Title of the Caliph Umar.
77FarqadفرقدTwo bright stars of Ursa Minor.
78FarrokhzadفرخزادHappily born.
79FarrukhفرخBeautiful-faced, happy, auspicious, fortunate.
81FaruqOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
82Faruq, FarooqOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood
83FarwahفروهSome companions had this name, for instance Ibn-Musayk and Ibn-Nawfal, and ibn-Amr.
84FarzadفرزادSplendid birth
85FarzamفرازمWorthy, Befitting.
89FaseehEloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN).
90FasihفصیحEloquent, fluent, well-spoken.
91Fasih Ur Rahmanفصیح الرحمٰنEloquent (by grace of Rahman i.e. Allah).
92FasikhفاسخSuccessful, bounty, bliss, blessing.
93FatanفطنIntelligent, sagacious, smart, clever.
94FateenClever, Smart
96FatehفتحVictory, conquest, triumph, success.
98FathiفتحیOne who wins victory after victory.
99Fathullahفتح اللهVictory granted by Allah, victory of Allah.
100FatihفاتحOne who eases difficulties, conqueror.
101FatikفاتکDeadly, Lethal; Ibn-Fadalah a narrator of Hadith was so named.
102FatinفاطنClever, fascinating.
103Fatin, FateenClever, smart
104FattahفتاحConqueror, victor, one who opens, one who eases difficulties; an attribute of Allah.
105FattanفتانCharming, bright.
106FattoohفتوحThe little conqueror, diminutive of Fattah.
108FawwazفوازWinner of victory after victory, successful.
109FawzفوزVictory, triumph, success.
110FawzanفوزانSuccessful, Slavation, Victorious.
111FawziفوزیTo do with success.
112FawzyفوزیTriumphant, victorious, successful.
113FayaazKind & Generous; Gracious.
115FayekSurpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding
117FayyadفیادOverflowing, generous.
118FayyazفیاضGenerous, munificent, most bountiful, most generous.
120Fayzul Haqفیض الحقGrace of the truth i.e. Allah.
122FazalahفضالهName of the father of Anas and Munis whom the Prophet PBUH sent as scouts to watch Quraysh movements at Badr.
123FazilفاضلAn accomplished person, knowledgeable virtuous, superior, outstanding, eminent.
124Faziuddinفیض الدینBounty of religion (Islam).
125FazlفضلFavour, grace, kindness, gift, present, bounty, excellence, virtue, extra.
126Fazle Ilahiفضل الٰھیBounty of Allah.
127Fazle Mawlaفضل مولٰیBounty of the Lord (Allah).
128Fazle Rabفضل ربBounty of lord.
129Fazle Rabbiفضل ربیBounty of my Lord.
130FazliفضلیKind, bountiful, graceful, virtuous.
131Fazlullahفضل اللهBounty of Allah.
132Fazulul Haqفضل الحقBounty of the Truth i.e. Allah.
136FidaفداءSacrifice, redemption.
137FikharفخارHonour, pride, glory.
138FikriفکریThought, ideas.
140FirasahفراسهPerspicacity, acumen.
143FizzaفضهSilver; Ibn Abu Mawdood, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
144Fouad, FuadHeart
145FuadفوادThe heart.
146FudailفضيلExcellent in character.
147FujaiفجیعName of a companion of the Prophet PBUH Al-Fujai, Al-Amiri.
148FurooghفروغSplendour, light, brightness.
150FurqanفرقانCriterion (between right and wrong), proof, evidence, another name for he Quran.
151FutuhفتوحVictories, conquests; pl. of fatah.
152FuzailفضیلDiminutive of Fazl.

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