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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter U

# English Arabic Meaning
1UbadahعبادهName of a prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
2UbaidعبیدDiminutive of Abd, small servant, servant of lower rank.
3UbaidahعبیدهServant of God.
4Ubaidah, UbaydahServant of God
5UbaidullahعبیداللهLowly servant of the Allah.
7UbaydullahServant of Allah.
8UbayyابیBin Kab RA had this name.
9Udail, UdaylOld Arabic name
10UdayOne who runs fast
11UhbanاھبانIbn Aws al-Aslani RA, a companion of the prophet PBUH, had this name.
12UkashahعکاشهWeb, Cobweb, Spider web.
13UlaعلیٰHigh rank, prestige, glory.
14UlfatالفتLove, affection, familiarity, intimacy.
16UmarعمرThe meaning of 'Umar' is linked with 'Aamir', prosperous, full of life, large, substantial.
17Umar, OmarName of the second Caliph
18UmarahعمارهAn old Arabic name.
19UmayrعمیرResidents, Populace.
20Umayr, UmairOld Arabic name
21UmayyahFamous Arabian tribe
23UmdatuddawlahعمدهالدولهSupport of the state.
25UnaysSmaller form of Anas.
26UnsarعنصرRoot, element, resolution.
28UqbaعقبهName of an illustrious Sahabi i.e. companion of the prophet Muhammad.
29UqbahEnd of everything.
30UrfeeName of popular Poet.
31UrmiaارمیاA Biblical Prophet
32UroojعروجAscension, mounting, rising.
33UrwahعروهName of A Prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
34UsaidاسیدSmall lion, diminutive form of Asad.
35Usaim, Usaymlion cub
36UsamaاسامهLion. Name of well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
37Usama, UsamahDescription of a lion
38UsamahDescription of a lion.
39UsaydLittle lion.
40UsmanعثمانThe young of a lark, a beautiful pen, name of the third Caliph of Islam.
41UswahاسوهSample, specimen.
42UtbahعتبهThreshhold. Bin Ghazwan was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
43UthalName of a mountain
44UthmanName of tht third Caliph
45UwaimعویمName of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
46UwaisاویسUways Qarni was the one of whom the Prophet PBUH foretold his people that he would be the one cured of leprosy.
47UwayamA float, buoyant.
48UzairعزیرA Prophet, the biblical Ezra..

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