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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter P

# English Arabic Meaning
1PamirپامرHelper, constant perfect.
3ParvezSuccess. Name of a Persian King.
4PashaپاشاLord, honorific title.
6PatangپتنگButterfly, kite.
7PatmanپاتمنMan of Honor (Two words; Pat = Honor; Man; Self).
9PaywastunپيوستونConnection / Someone who Connects.
11PervaizپرویزVictorious, fortunate, happy.
12PerzoپېرزوDeserving, well wishing.
13PirپیرSaint, spiritual guide, wise.
14PirzadaپیرزادهA son of pir (Sufi), a souvenir of leader.
15Pordalپور دلپور دل
16PurdilپردلBrave, fearless.

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