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A collection of muslim new born Baby Girl names started by letter L

# English Arabic Meaning
1LaaibahLaaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous.
2LaalلعلPearl, ruby.
3LabibaلبیبهIntelligent, judicious, sensible, understanding, sagacious, wise, prudent, wise; fem. of Labib.
4LabibahSensible, intelligent
5LadanلادنA flower.
6LafizaلافظهAs deep as a sea.
8LaibaلاﺋبهName of a Hoor in Heaven
11LailaلیلیٰOf the Night.
12LaiqaلاﺋقهWorthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent.
14LakhtaلختهEar Ring.
16LalmaللمهPiece of land that defends only on rain.
17Lalzariلال زاريLal - Ruby, Zar - Golden.
18LamaلمیٰDarkness of inner lips, it is considered to be beautiful.
21LameesPure silk.
22LamiaلامعهBrilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant.
24LamisلمیسTender woman.
25Lamis, LameesSoft to the touch
26LamisaلمیسهSoft to touch.
27LamisahSoft to the touch.
28LamiyaلامیهWith beautiful curls.
29LamyaلمیاءDark-lipped (from inside).
30Lamya, LamyaOf dark lips
31Lanato be gentle, soft, tender
32LanikaThe Best.
33LaraibلاریبNot suspicious, truth.
35LashirahVery intelligent.
36LatifaلطیفهPretty, charming, gentle, sweet, refined, kind, pleasantry, humour, friendly; fem. of Latif.
37LatifahGentle, kind, pleasant, friendly.
38Latifah, LateefaGentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
40LawaizaلویزهThe girl who was born to Eve with Abel.
41LayaanلیانGentleness, softness, tenderness.
43LayanGentle and soft
44LayinaلینهTender, supple, resilient.
45LaylaلیلیٰNight, A well-known character in Arabic literature i.e. the beloved of Majnoon.
46Layla, Leila(Born at) night; rapture, elation
47LayyahلیهTwist, Flexure.
48LazimلازمEssential, imperative.
49LeenaPlant of dates, soft, mild, clemency.
53LibaلبهMost Beautiful (Hoor in jannah)
54LinaلینهGentle, soft, tender, 'a kind of palm'.
55Linah, Lina, LeenaTender
56LiyanaSoftness, tenderness.
57LizaلیزاDedicated for Allah.
58Lu LuahShe was a narrator of Hadith.
60LubabلبابThe best part.
61LubabaلبابهEssence, core, gist.
62LubabahThe innermost essence.
63Lubabah, LubaabaThe innermost essence
64LubanPine tree; denotes long neck
65LubanaلبانهWish, desire.
66LubanahWish, desire
68LublubahAffectionate, tender
69LubnaلبنیٰA tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. storax-tree.
70Lujaلوجاءof great depth.
71Lujain, LujaynSilver
76Luluah, LulwaPearl
78LunahDate palm
79LutfلطفKindness, friendliness, courtesy, delicate, grace, favour from Allah.
80LutfanaلطفانهKind, helper.
81LutfiyaلطفیهDelicate, graceful.
82LutfiyahDelicate, graceful
83Lutfun Nisaلطف النساءGrace of women.

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