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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter G

# English Arabic Meaning
3Gamal, GamaliCamel
4GauharگوھرGem, jewel, noble.
5GhadefغادفOne who drives a boat
6GhaffarغفارMost forgiving, one of the names of Allah.
7GhafurغفورMost forgiving.
10Ghaith, GhaythRain
11GhaiyyasغیاثHelper, reliever, winner.
13GhaliValuable, dear, beloved, expensive
15GhallabغلابEver victorious, triumphant.
16GhamayغمېPrecious Stone.
18GhaniغنیRich, wealthy, prosperous, all-sufficient, one of the names of Allah.
20GhannamغنامShepherd; Name of a companion who took part in the battle of Badr.
21GharibغریبPoor, need, humble; stranger.
22GhasaanOld Arabic name
23GhassanغسانPrime, vigor (of youth).
25GhatrifغطریفLeader, brave, noble.
26GhausغوثHelp, aid, rescue, succor.
27GhauthHelper, Defender.
28GhawthSuccor, to help
30GhaylanغیلانGreat, Fat; One of the companions of the Prophet PBUH bin Salamah As-Saqafi had this name.
33GhazanغزانHoly War Fighter.
34GhazanfarغضنفرLion, title of Caliph Ali.
35GhazawanغزوانWarrior, a companion of the prophet PBUH had this name.
36GhaziغازیConqueror, hero, gallant soldier.
37GhazwanغزوانOne on expedition, to conquer.
38GhazzalغزالName of a reciter of Quran, Ibn Khalid.
39GhiyasغیاثDeliverance from hardships, succorer, aid given in time of need, rain.
40Ghiyas-ud-Dinغیاث الدینHelper of the religion (Islam).
42GhofranغفرانPardon, forgiveness.
43GhorzangغورزنگLong Strides, Panther Strides.
44GhulamغلامServant, boy, youth.
45GhunaimغنیمA person who takes booty. Name of a Sahabi RA.
46Ghunaynغنینne who collects booty.
47Ghuncha Gulغونچه گلBunch of Flowers.
48GhusunBranches of tree.
49GhutaifغطیفA well of a person; well to do.
51GogalگوگلVocal cords.
52GoharDiamond, precious stone.
53Gohar TabگوھرتابShining like bead or stone.
55GranگرانDear / Beloved.
57Gul BazگلبازPlaying with Flowers.
58Gul Hashamگل ہاشمFlower Name
59Gul Janگل جانGul - Flowers, Jan - Life.
60Gul Mastگل مستGul - Flowers, Mast - Excitement
61Gul Rangگل رنگColour of Flowers.
62Gul Yarگل يارLoving Flowers.
63Gul Zamanګل زمانZaman - Times.
64Gul ZarگلزارFlower Garden.
65Gul-e-Ranaگل رعناA beautiful flower.
67Gulbarگل بارShedder of flowers, generous.
68GulfamگلفامRose faced.
69GulshanگلشنA flower Garden.
71Gunjbukshگنج بخشخزانہ بخشنے والا
72Gunjoorگنجورخزانے والا
73GutaifغُطیفA well of a person, well to do

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