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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter M

# English Arabic Meaning
1Ma'danمعدانName of the tutor of the family of Ziyad ibn Abih at Basrah and then at Kufah; he was called al-fil because of the elephant his master had given.
2Ma'marمعمرOne who lives long, an edifice or a building.
3Ma'munTrustworthy, reliable.
4Ma'nمعنExamine closely; accept the truth.
5MaadمعدAn old Arabian Tribe's name.
6MaahirماھرSkillful, able, experienced.
7MaaliمعالیNoble, sublime, Excellency.
8MaalikمالکOwner, proprietor, master, lord. Allah's epithet.
9MaazمعازA Friend Of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
10MabadمعبدA place of worship; Many of the prominent people had this name including the companions ibn Khalid al-Juhanni and ibn-Hawzah RA.
11MabrukمبروکBlessed, prosperous.
12MadOld Arabic name
13MadaniمدنیUrbane, civilized.
14MadhatمدحتPraise, lauding.
15MadihمدیحPraised, commendable.
16MahadGreat, nice.
17MahasinمحاسنPl. of Mahsana, beauty, attraction, virtue, merit.
18MahazThe place of war.
20MahboobمحبوبDear, beloved.
21MahbubBeloved, dear
22Mahbubullahمحبوب اللهBeloved of Allah.
23MahdThe guided one.
24MahdiمھدیRightly guided.
25MaheenمھینFine or thin texture, feeble voice (also; despised, contemptuous).
28MahfuzمحفوظSafeguarded, well-protected, preserved, secure.
29Mahfuzur Rahmanمحفوظ الرحمٰنProtected of the Beneficent
30MahibمھیبMajestic, dignified, magnificent.
31MahirماھرSkilled, skilful, proficient.
32MahjaمھجعPlace to sleep, quarters, lodgings.
33MahjubمحجوبHidden, covered, screened.
34MahmoodمحمودPraised, commendable, praiseworthy.
35MahmudThe praised one, commendable.
36Mahmud, MahmoudThe praised one; variation of the name "Muhammad"
38MahrusمحروسGuarded, protected, secured.
39MahtabمھتابMoon, moonlight.
41MaimunمیمونAuspicious, prosperous, lucky, good fortunate, blessed.
42Maimun, MaymunLucky
44MaisaraمیسرهEase, comfort.
45MaisurمیسورEasy, successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.
46MajdمجدGlory, honour, nobility.
47Majd al DinGlory of the Faith
48MajdiمجدیGlorious, praiseworthy.
49MajduddinمجدالدینThe glory of the religion (Islam).
51MajeedمجیدGlorious, noble, exalted, an epithet of Allah.
52MajidماجدGlorious, noble, honourable, generous, Allah's attribute.
53MakhdoomمخدومOne who is held in reverence and served by others, lord, master.
54MakinمکینStrong, firm.
55MakkiمکیPertaining to Makkah.
56MakramمکرمNoble trait, excellent quality.
58MaleekملیکReigning, ruling.
60MalikملکAn attribute of Allah, king, sovereign.
61MalufمألوفFamiliar, popular.
63MamdoohممدوحPraised, celebrated, famous, commended, laudable.
64Mamdouh, MamduhOne who is commended, praised, glorified
65MamduhPerson commended, praised.
66MamoonمامونTrustworthy honest, faithful, reliable, something about which one feels secure.
67MamoorمعمورInhabited, civilized.
68MamunTrustworthy, trusted
70Man, MainBenefit
71Manafعبد منافAbd Manaaf: an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad.
72ManalمنالAttainment, acquisition, reachable.
73MandhurVowed, consecrated to God
74ManhaمنھٰیGift of Allah.
75ManhalمنھلFountains, spring of salubrious water.
76ManiمنیعStrong, secure, well-fortified, unconquerable.
77MannanمنانBenevolent, bountiful, generous.
78ManshaمنشاءResolution, accord, wish.
79ManshoorمنشورPrism, manifesto, law, principal.
80MansoorمنصورAssisted, aided (by God), victorious, triumphant.
81MansooruddinمنصورالدینVictorious in religion (Islam).
82MansurDivinely aided, victorious
83ManusمأنوسFriendly, sociable, polite.
84ManzarمنظرView, Sight.
85ManzoorمنظورVisible, perspective.
86MaqadarمقدرFate, destiny.
87MaqboolمقبولAccepted, admitted, granted, approved.
88MaqeemمقیمResident, residing, staying.
89MaqilمعقلIntelligent; Quite a few people had this name, among them companions of the Prophet PBUH ibn Sinah RA.
90MaqsoodمقصودIntended, aimed at, object.
91MaramمرامWish, desire, aspiration.
92MaraqabمراقبRanks, praises.
93MarghoobمرغوبDesired, desirable, pleasant.
94MarghubDesirable, coveted
97MaroofمعروفFavour, kindness, kind act, famous, noted.
98MarsadمرثدIbn Abu Marsad al-Ghanavi was the companion of the Prophet PBUH who took part in the Badr Battle and had this name.
99MarufWell known, good
100MarwanمروانAn ancient Arab name.
101MarzooqمرزوقBlessed (by God), fortunate, prosperous, successful.
102MarzuqBlessed by God, fortunate
103MasarratمسرتHappiness, delight, joy, (Mussarrat is not correct).
104MaseehمسیحOne who is blessed with piety from the cradle to the grave. The Messiah (Jesus), a Prophet.
105Maseehuzzamanمسیح الزماںMasih (Messiah) of the age.
108MashhoodمشھودWitnessed, present, manifest, the day of judgment, the day of Arafah.
109MashhudClear, Manifest, Witnessed.
111MashkoorمشکورThe person to whom one is indebted.
112MasirمصیرDestiny, goal.
113MasoodمسعودProsperous, happy, dutiful, fortunate, lucky.
114MasoomمعصومInnocent, sinless, infallible, protected.
116MasroorمسرورHappy person, joyfull.
117MasrurHappy, joyful
118MasudFortunate, happy, lucky
119MasumInnocent, infallible.
120MasunمصونGuarded, well-protected.
121MateenSolid, constant, tough, substantive.
122MatinمتینStrong, powerful, solid, of resolute mind, durable. Al-Matin: the Strong; one of the names of Allah.
123MatloobمطلوبDesired, required, sought after.
124MausoofموصوفWorthy of description, endowed with laudable qualities.
125MawahibمواھبPl. of Mauhiba, gift, talent.
126MawdoodمودودBeloved, attached.
127MawhoobموھوبGifted, talented, endowed, favoured.
128MawlaمولیٰHelper, protector.
129MawsilموصلNaame of a Hanafi Jurist of Iraq (Ibn Mawsil).
130MaymunFortunate, blessed.
131MaysarahميسرةOf comfort, ease.
132MazharمظھرManifestation, expression, outlook.
133Mazhar-ud-DinمظھرالدینManifestation, of the religion (Islam).
134Mazharul HaqمظھرالحقManifestation of the Truth i.e. Allah.
135MazidمزیدIncrease, excess, more.
136MazinمازنProper name.
137MazkoorمزکورRelated, said of.
138MeerabمیرابParadise Flower
140MehdمهدInstructor, Haadi, one of the names of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
141MehrabمھرابA character in Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings - written by Persion poet Ferdowsi)
142MehranمهرانOld name of a river sindh, name of a king.
143MehtabمھتابThe Moon.
144MekkaName of Holy city.
145MidlajمدلاجIbn Amr as-Sulami RA had this name.
147MifzalمفضلGreat and blessed person.
148MihranName of a companion of the Prophet
149MihyarName of a famous poet
150MikaCool, sweet, intelligent.
151Mika'ilOne of Allah's angel.
152MikaeelName of Allah's Angel.
153MikailName of an Angel (Michael)
154MikayeelOne of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
155MikhailOne of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
156MimarمعمارMason, architect.
157MimrahممراحCheerful, lively, gay-tempered.
158MinhajمنھاجMethod, system, order, way, road.
159Minhajuddinمنھاج الدینWay of religion
160MinnahمنهKindness, grace, blessing.
161MinnatullahمنهاللهGratitude owed to Allah.
162MiqdadمقدادIbn Amir Ibn Thalabah RA, a well-known companion who participated in the battle of Badr.
163MiqdamمقدامIn the forefront of battle, very bold, undaunted.
164MirمیرPrince, governor, leader.
165Mir JahaanمیرجھانKing of the world.
166Mir Waisمير ويسHome Lord.
167MirajمعراجPlace of ascent.
168MiranمیرانPrinces; pl. of Mir.
169MirsabمرسبPrudent, wise, a sword of the Prophet Muhammad.
170MirzaمیرزاSon of a prince. Honorific title.
171MisamمسامSmiling, happy.
172MisaqمیثاقAgreement, covenant, contract, pact.
173MisbahمصباحLamp, lantern.
174Misbahuddinمصباح الدینLamp of the religion (Islam).
175Mishaal, MishalTorch, light
177Mistahمسطح(Musattah is plain level) hence, an instrument to level something.
178MiyazمیازYoung fox (first Umayyad Caliph).
179MizanمیزانBalance, scales.
180Mizanur Rahmanمیزان الرحمٰنBalance of the most merciful (Allah).
185MoemenBeliever and faithful to Allah
186MohammedName of final prophet (PBUH). .: Muhammad is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name, مُحَمَّد‎. :.
187MohidمهیدThe one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty.
188MohsinمحسنBenevolent, benefactor, charitable, humanitarian.
189MoinمعینFountain, spring.
190MoizمعیزOne who gives protection.
191MotabirمعتبرTrusted, accomplished.
193MounirLight, sunlight.
196Mu'afaمعافاءIbn Imran, an ascetic, who travelled extensively to find Hadith, had this name.
197Mu'allaمعلاA judge and follower of Abu Yusuf, ibn Mansur had this name.
199Mu'attibمعتبIt was the name of a companion bin Ubayd RA.
200Mu'awwizCompanion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
202MuadموادA noted companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, ibn-Jabal RA.
203MuadhProtected; name of a companion
204MuammarمعمرAntiquated, long-lived, one given log life, title of Luqman i.e. Lokman.
205MuawinمعاونAssistant, helper, supporter.
206MuawiyahمعاویهA young dog or fox (first Umayyad Khalifah).
207MuawwazمعوذName of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
208MuayyadمٶیدSupported, championed, approved, victorious.
210MuazzamمعظمExalted, glorified, honoured, revered.
211MubajjalمبجلGlorified, exalted, honourable, greatly respected.
212MuballighمبلغPreacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
213MubarakمبارکBlessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious, august.
215MubarezمبارزArmy man, fighter, policeman.
216MubashirمبشرBringer of good news, a Prophet.
219MubinمبینClear, plain, distinct, manifest.
221MudabbirمدبرPlanner, designer, disposer.
222MudarمضرAn Arabian tribe.
223MuddassirمدثرWrapped in, enveloped, attribute of the Prophet Muhammad.
224MuddaththirCovered; a title of the Prophet
225MudrikمدرکPerceptive, intelligent, reasonable, endowed with reason.
226MueenمعینHelper, Assistant.
227MueezمعیذA person who gives shelter.
228MufaadمفادProfit, interest.
229MufaddalOne who is preferred.
230MufakharمفخرGlorious, exalted.
232MufallahمفلحOne who prospers.
233MufazzalمفضلPreferred, chosen, favoured.
234Mufeed(from the verb fada to overflow).
235MufidمفیدBeneficial, useful, advantageous, favoured, profitable.
236Mufid, MufeedUseful, helpful
238MuflihمفلحOne who succeeds, prospers.
239MuftiمفتیInterpreter or expounder of Sharia (Islamic Law).
240MughisمغیثHelper, assistant.
241MughithHelper, succourer.
242MughniمغنیOne who releases another from straitened circumstances, an epithet of Allah.
244MuhaddasمحدثCompiler of hadith.
245MuhafizمحافظPreserver, custodian, guardian.
246Muhafiz-ud-Dinمحافظ الدینPreserver of the religion (Islam).
247MuhaiminمھیمنRuler, overlord, one who provides sanctuary from any hazard or danger. Al-Muhaimin, the All-preserver: one of the names of Allah.
248Muhair, MuhayrSkilled
250MuhammadمحمدPraised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632); Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam.
251Muhammad, MohammedPraised, praiseworthy; the name of the Prophet
252MuhannaHappy, delighted
253MuhannadمھندSword, Indian sword.
254Muhannad, MuhannedSword
255Muharrem1st month of Islamic year.
256MuhazzabمھزبPolite, courteous, well-mannered.
257MuhdeeمھدیOne who presents.
258MuheetThat which embraces all round.
259MuhibمحبLoving, affectionate, friend.
261Muhibuddinمحب الدینFriend of the religion (Islam).
262Muhibullahمحب اللهFriend of Allah.
263MuhitمحیطEncompassing, ocean.
264Muhiyuddinمحیی الدینReviver of the religion (Islam).
265MuhrizمحرزObtainer, winner, earner, Ibn Awn al-Hilali RA had this name.
266MuhsinBeneficient, charitable
267MuhtadiالمھتدیRightly guided, following the right path, on the right way.
268MuhtashimمحتشمDecent, modest, chaste, shy.
269MuhyiمحییOne who gives life, reviver.
270Muhyi al DinReviver of the faith
271MuidمعیدReviser, restore.
272MuinمعینHelper, patron, supporter, aide.
273Muinuddawlahمعین الدولهDefender of the state.
274Muinuddinمعین الدینHelper of the religion (Islam).
275Muinul Islamمعین الاسلامSupporter of Islam.
276MuizzمعزOne who honours, strengthens.
277MuizzuddawlahمعزالدولهHe who renders the state mighty.
278MuizzuddinمعزالدینOne who strengthens the religion (Islam).
279MujabOne whose prayers were answered
280MujaddidمجددOne who renews or renovates or refreshes.
281MujahidمجاھدOne who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam, soldier of Jihad.
282MujammilمجملAdorner, beautifier.
283MujazzirمجذرA person who cuts off, uproots, or consolidates. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
284MujazzizمجذزOne who cuts off, name of a companion, al-Mudliji.
286MujibمجیبReplier, answerer. Allah's epithet.
288MujirمجیرProtector, defender, helper, supporter.
289MujtabaمجتبیٰChosen, selected, elected. Title of the Prophet Muhammad.
290MujtahidمجتھدDiligent, industrious, hardworking.
291MukafihمکافعFreedom fighter.
292MukammilمکملPerfecting, completing.
293MukarramمکرمHonoured, revered, honourable, noble.
295MukhlisمخلصSincere, honest, true, faithful.
296MukhtarمختارSelected, chosen, preferred, favorite, the most exquisite..
297Mukhtarul HaqمختارالحقChosen by the Truth (Allah).
298MuktafiمکتفیSatisfied, contended.
299MulailملیلName of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
300MulaylملیلA companion was so name.
303MulkملکKingdom, sovereignty, supreme power or authority.
304MullaملاA Persian construction probably from the Arabic Mawla (master, leader, lord).
305MuminمٶمنBeliever (in Islam), pious, one who advocates peace and harmony. Allah's attribute.
306MummarGiven or granted long life
307MumtazممتازDistinguished, superior, outstanding.
308MunadiمنادیA scholar of Baghdad who wrote books on the Quran and related subjects, Abu al-Hasan, had this name.
309MunadilمناضلFighter, defender.
310MunafمنافExalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
312MunaimمناعمBenevolent kind. Al-Munaim, the Benevolent: one of the names of Allah.
313MunasirمناصرHelper, protector, friend.
314MunawarمنورIlluminated, brilliant.
315Mundhirمنزر(Munzir), Warner, Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
316MuneebOne who turns in repentance.
318MunibمنیبOne who turns to Allah seeking His pardon.
319MunifمنیفEminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty.
320MunimمنعمBenefactor, donor, grantor.
321MunirمنیرSplendid, shining, something that reflects light, bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous..
322Munir, MuneerBrilliant, shining
323MuniruzzamanمنیرالزماںBrilliant of the age.
324MunisمونسSociable, friendly, kind, gentle.
325MunjidمنجدHelper, supporter, rescuer.
326MunkadirمنکدرThis was the name of Abu Bakr Muhammad, an ascetic and authority for Hadith.
327MunnaمنهStrength, power, vigour.
328MunqadمنقادOne who is led, conduted, obedient.
329MunqizمنقذSaviour, rescuer, deliverer.
330MunsifمنصفJust, fair, righteous.
331MuntaqimمنتقمThe Avenger; He who punishes wrongdoers; One who takes revenge. Name: Abdul Muntaqim.
332MuntasirمنتصرVictorious, triumphant.
333MuntazarمنتظرExpected, prospective, anticipated, awaited.
334MuntazirThe awaitting.
335MunzirمنذرWarner, cautioner, forerunner, Messenger sent by Allah to warn mankind.
337MuqaffaمقفاName of Abdullah (Ibn al-Muqaffi) who had converted to Islam from Zoroastrian religion and worked with the uncles of al-Mansur.
338MuqarrabمقربIntimate companion, friend, one who is brought near the throne of Allah, one who is nearest to Allah.
339MuqatadirName of an Abbasid Khalifah.
340MuqbilمقبلFollowing, next.
341MuqeetمقیتProvider. Al-Muqeet, the Nourisher; one of the names of Allah.
342MuqlaمقلهEye, eyeball, the middle of anything, Ib Muqlah; Abbasid vizier and "founder of Arabic calligraphy".
343MuqsitمقسطJust, impartial, Allah's attribute.
344MuqtadiمقتدیFollower, one who follows an imam during ritual prayer.
345MuqtadirمقتدرAble, powerful, mighty, Allah's epithet. Al-Muqtadir, the omnipotent: one of the names of Allah.
346MuqtafiمقتفیOne who follows (another). Al-Muqtafi (1136-60): Abbasid Khalifa.
347MuqtasidمقتصدFrugal, thrifty, economical.
348MurabbiمربیPatron, superior, guardian.
349MuradمرادWill, intention, desire, intended.
350MurarahمرارهBitterness, innermost, heart; al-Rabi al-Ansari RA was a companion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
351MursalمرسلMessenger, Prophet, Ambassador.
352MursaleenمرسلینMessenger, Prophet, Ambassador.
353MurshidمرشدLeader, guide, adviser, counselor.
355MurtaazمرتازDisciplined, one who endeavors in worshiping Almighty Allah and in suppressing the desires of the nufs or self.
356Murtada, Murtadi, MurtadhySatisfied, contented, pleased
357MurtadaaChosen one.
358MurtazaمرتضیٰChosen, approved, agreeable, acceptable, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
359Mus'abمعصبIbn-Umair RA was so named he was a companion whom the Prophet PBUH name as one of the fourteen eminent guardians.
360MusaموسیٰA Prophet, the biblical Moses.
361Musa, MoosaA Prophets name (Moses)
362MusabOld Arabic name
363MusadمسعدFortunate, lucky, unfettered camel.
364MusaddiqمصدقOne who confirms. One who accepts another's word as truth.
365MusaidمساعدHelper, assistant, supporter.
366MusawwirمصورShaper, fashioner.
367MuseebApple in persian. Also means great warrior.
368MusharrafمشرفHonoured, exalted.
370MushfiqمشفقKind, tender, fearful.
371MushirمشیرCounselor, advisor.
372Mushir-ul-HaqمشیرالحقCounselor of the Truth i.e. Allah.
373MushtaqمشتاقLonging, desiring, eager.
374MusirموسرProsperous, affluent, rich.
376MuslihمصلحPeacemaker, conciliator, reformer, one who sets things right.
377Muslihuddinمصلح الدینReformer of the religion (Islam).
378MuslimمسلمFollower of the religion of Islam.
379MustaeenمستعینOne who asks the help or aid or assistance.
380MustafaمصطفیٰChosen, selected, preferred.
381Mustafa Kamalمصطفیٰ کمالFounder of modern Turkey (1881-1938).
382MustafaviمصطفویAttributed to the family of Mustafa, i.e. Muhammad.
383MustafeedمستفیدProfiting, gainful.
384MustafizمستفیضProfiting, one who is desirous of gaining.
385MustahfizمستحفظGuardian, protector, custodian.
387MustajabمستعجابOne who is heard.
388MustakfiمستکفیOne who desires another to do something effectively.
389MustakimStraight road.
390MustaliمستعلیHigh, elevated, superior.
391MustamsikمستمسکComposed, calm of mind, one who restrains himself.
393MustanjidمستنجدOne who implores for help.
394MustansirمستنصرOne who asks for help.
396MustaqimمستقیمStraight, upright.
397MustarshidمسترشدOne who seeks direction.
398MustasimمستعصمHe who holds fast.
399MustatabمستطابGood, Delectable.
400MustazhirمستظھرMemorizer, one who knows by heart.
401MustaziمستضٔیOne who seeks light or advice or guidance.
403MutadمعتدPrepared, ready.
404MutahharمطھرPure, clean, purified, very beautiful.
405MutahhirWhat Purifies.
406MutaliمتعالیExalted, supreme.
407MutamadمعتمدTrustworthy, reliable, dependable.
408MutamakanمتمکنAccomplished, perfect, complete.
409MutamidمعتمدOne who relies upon Allah.
410MutaminمٶتمنOne who entrusts his affairs to the management of another.
411MutammimمتممPerfecting, completing.
412MutaqidمعتقدConfident, believer, faithful friend.
413MutasimمعتصمAbstaining from sin (by the grace of Allah), preserved, defended.
414MutawakkilمتوکلOne who puts his trust (in Allah).
416MutawassitمتوسطMediator, umpire.
418MutazidمعتضدOne who takes assistance (of Allah), petitioner of justice.
419MutazzمعتزMighty, proud, powerful.
420MuteeمطیعObedient, pious, devoted, faithful, submissive.
421MuthannaOld Arabic name
422MutiمعطیGiver, granter, donor, Al-Muti: the Granter: one of the names of Allah.
423Mutiul Islamمطیع الاسلامObedient (follower) of Islam.
424Mutiur Rahmanمطیع الرحمٰنObedient (servant) of the most gracious i.e. Allah.
425MutlaqمطلقFree, unlimited, unrestricted.
426MuttalibمطلبSeeker. Abdul Muttalib: grand father of the Prophet Muhammad.
427MuttaqiالمتقیGod-fearing, pious, religious, devout.
430MuwaffiqموفقSuccessful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate.
431MuyassarميسرFortunate, facilitated.
432MuzaffarمظفرVictorious, triumphant, conqueror.
433MuzaffaruddinمظفرالدینVictorious of the religion (Islam).
434MuzahirمظاھرProtector, defender, supporter.
435MuzahiruddinمظاھرالدینDefender of the religion (Islam).
436MuzakkirمذکرReminder, warner.
437MuzammilمزملOne who is enwrapped in garments. Al-Muzzammil: title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran. In this sura, Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad.
438MuzhirWitnessed, name of companion.
439MuzzammilOne who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet

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