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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter W

# English Arabic Meaning
1Waa'ilOne Who Returns For Shelter.
2WaaliوالیThe Governor; He who directs; manages; conducts; governs; measure.
3WaarithوارثAn heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor, The Supreme inheritor.
4WaaseyواسعCapacious, wide, ample, One who possesses abundant (of anything) Allah’s attribute, Meaning, The All Controlling.
5WabisahوابصهBin Ma'bad RA had this name.
7WaddahBright, brilliant
8WaddoodودودFriend, companion, beloved, Allah’s attribute.
9WadiودیعCalm, peaceful.
10WadidFavorable, devoted, fond
11WadoodودودLover, warm-hearted, affectionate, friend, beloved. Al-Wadood, the All-loving: one of the names of Allah.
12WafaوفاFaithfulness, fidelity.
14WafaiوفاێAssociated with faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
15WafaqatوفاقتFriendship, closeness.
16WafiوفیTrue, trustworthy, reliable, perfect, complete.
17WafiqوفیقCompanion, friend, successful.
18Wafiq, WafeeqSuccessful
20WahajوهاجVery sparkling, very bright.
21WahbوھبDonation, grant, gift, inherent.
22Wahbanوھبانrelated to Wahb.
23WahdatوحدتUnity, oneness, state of being one.
24WaheedوحیدUnique, matchless, singular, unparalleled.
25WahhabوھابDonor, grantor. Al-Wahhab, the All-giver: one of the names of Allah.
26WahhajوھاجShining, illuminated.
27WahibواهبForgiver, tolerant.
28WahidواحدOne, unique, matchless. Al-Wahid, the one: one of he names of Allah.
29Wahiduddinوحید الدینUnique (manifestation) of the religion (Islam).
30WahiduzzamanوحیدالزماںUnique (person) of the age.
31WailواﺋلComing back (for shelter).
32WaizواعظAdmonisher, preacher.
33WajahatوجاھتComely, dignity, elevated position.
34WajdوجدState of being single, ecstasy.
35WajdanوجدانEcstacy, mirth, devotion.
36WajdiOf strong emotion, passion and love
37WajeehCommanding Personality.
38WajidواجدFinder, lover.
39WajihوجیھNoble, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious.
40WakalatوکالتAdvocacy, Agency.
41WakdarواکدارMan of Authority.
42WakeeوکیعBin al-Jarrah had this name.
43WakeelAgent, Representative.
44WakilوکیلAdvocate, representative, counselor, attorney, agent.
45WaleedولیدNewborn Child.
46WaliولیPrince, guardian, protector, friend, saint. Al-Waliy, the Protector: one of the names of Allah.
47Wali Uddinولی الدینSupporter of the faith.
48WalidولیدNewborn, newborn child, nascent, new, boy, son. Name of a Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
49Walid, WaleedNewborn child
51Waliullahولی اللهFriend of Allah.
52Waliy al DinSupporter of the faith
53Waliy AllahSupporter of God
54WalladولادAbu Al-Abbas al-Tamimi had this name. He was a grammarian of Basrah and egypt.
55WamaqوامقLover, paramour.
57WaqarوقارMajesty, veneration, dignity, gracefulness.
58WaqasوقاصA companion, Warlike
59WaqfوقفGiven in a trust, spared for welfare.
60WaqidواقدBin Abdullah al Tamimi RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
61WaqifواقفAcquainted, aware.
62WaqqadوقادSharp-minded, wise.
63WaqqasOld Arabic name
64WardواردBlossoms, flowers.
65WaridواردArriving, Descending, Incoming.
66WarisوارثHeir, inheritor, successor. Al-Waris, the Inheritor: one of the names of Allah.
67Warqaورقاءto do with paper, leaf.
68WasamوسامMedal, prize, honour
69WasayUnlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
70WaseefوصیفPage, Valet (domestic) servant.
71WaseemوسیمGraceful. Handsome. Good Looking.
72WaseeqوثیقSolid, strong, secure.
73WaseyواسعBroad-minded, liberal, learned, capacious, ample. scholarly. Al-Wasi, the All-embracing: one of the names of Allah.
74WasfiوصفیEulogize, Praise highly.
75WasiوصیAn executor; administrator (of a will), preceptor.
76WasifواصفEulogiser, Praiser
77WasilواصلIncoming, Arriving, Connected.
78WasilahواثلهBin al-Asqa RA had this name.
79WasimوسیمHandsome, beautiful, graceful.
80Wasim, WaseemGraceful, good looking
81Wasimuddinوسیم الدینHandsome (person) of the religion (Islam).
82WasiqواثقConfident, sure, certain.
83WatheqFirm, reliable, confident.
84WazirوزیرMinister, vizier, an adviser or counsel to the king.
85WilanولانFriendship, affection.
86WilayatولایتCustody, guardianship.
87WildanBoy in heaven.
88WisamBadge, Logo, like coat of Arms.
89WohaybوھیبSomething bestowed.

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