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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter Q

# English Arabic Meaning
2QabeelقابیلFamous son of Adam (Adam) Alayhe salam.
3QaboolقبولAccepted, accreditec, appreciated.
4QadeerقدیرAble, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah.
8QahirقاھرConqueror, subduer.
9QaidقاﺋدLeader, commander.
10QaimقاﺋمUpright, independent, one who performs.
11QaisقیسMeasure, measurement, firm, example.
13QalandarقلندرOne who lives in solitude.
14QamarقمرThe moon. Al-Qamar: title of 54th sura of Quran.
15QamaruddinقمرالدینMoon of the religion (Islam).
16QaniقانعContent, Satisfied.
17QanitقانتObedient, submissive, humble, God-fearing.
20QasidقاصدMessenger, courier.
21Qasidul HaqقاصدالحقCourier of the Truth i.e. Allah.
23QasimقاسمDistributor, divider.
24QatadahقتادهAstragals, a hardwood tree.
25QatawahقتاوهA companion
26Qati'iقطیعیMuhammad Ibn Yahya, a student of Hadith ahd this name.
27QawiقویStrong, powerful, firm, mighty. One of the names of Allah.
29Qays, QaisFirm
30QayyumقیومEternal, everlasting. An epithet applied to Allah.
31QazafiقذافیOne who lives in vast forest.
32QaziالقاضیJudge, justice.
33QismatقسمتFate, destiny.
34QiwamقوامSupport, prop.
35Qiwamuddinقوام الدینSupport of the religion (Islam).
37QudamahقدامهA companion of the Prophet PBUH, Ibn Mazoon RA.
38QuddoosقدوسHoly, most, pure, free from any defects. Al-Quddus, the All-holy: one of the names of Allah.
39QudratقدرتPower, might, strength.
40Qudratullahقدرت اللهPower of Allah.
41QudsقدسHoliness, sanctity.
42QudsiقدسیHoly, sacred.
43QudwaقدوهModel, example.
44QurbanقربانSacrifice, sacrifice on the occasion of Eid-al-adha.
45QureshiقریشیAttributed to Quraish, the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad.
46QusayقصیOld Arabic name.
47QustaقسطیHe was ibn Luqa. He translated works of philosophy, astronomy and geometry into Arabic for the Baytal Hikmah of Al-Mamun.
48QutaibaقتیبهIrritable, impatient.
49QutaybahA narrator of hadith.
50Qutaybah, QutaibahIrritable, impatient
51QutbقطبLeader, chief, pivot, axis, pole.
52QutbahقطبهName of Ibn Maalik RA a comanion of the Prophet PBUH.
53Qutbuddinقطب الدینLeader of the religion (Islam).

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