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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter Z

# English Arabic Meaning
1Za'irزاﺋرVisitor, guest.
2ZaabitضابطClever man, one who remembers.
3ZaadضادVictory, success.
4ZaahirزاھرA blooming flower, a bright and shining colour, lofty.
5ZaakirذاکرRememberer of Allah
6ZaaribضاربOne who beats, stricker.
7ZabbaضبهLatch, door lock; Name of some people for instance, of ibn-Mihsin, a memeber of the exedition of Abu Musa.
8ZabirذابرThe person who have Religious Knowledge
9ZabrijزبرجBeauty, decoration.
10ZaeemزعیمGuaranter, Rich, healthy, leader, ruler.
11ZafarظفرVictory, triumph.
12ZafeerظفیرOf firm and resolute intention.
13ZafirظافرVictorious, winner.
14Zafofزفوفتیز رفتار
15ZafranزعفرانDerived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flower.
16ZaheenذھینSagacious, intelligent.
17ZaheerزھیرBlooming, shining, luminous.
18ZaheeruddawlahظھیرالدولهHelper of the religion (Islam).
19ZaheeruddinظھیرالدینHelper of the religion (Islam).
20ZahhaakضحاکA person who laughs most. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
21ZahiزاھیBeautiful, brilliant, glowing.
22ZahidزاھدDevout, ascetic. One who renounces the world and is fully devoted to Allah.
24ZahirظاھرApparent, evident, one of the attributes of Allah.
26ZaidزیدAbundance, increase, increment, superabundance, addition, excess, surplus.
27Zaid, ZaydIncrease, growth, abundance
28ZaidanزیدانGrowth, increase, excess.
30ZaighumLion, Powerful.
31ZaimزعیمLeader, chief.
32Zaimuddinزعیم الدینLeader of the religion (Islam).
33ZainزینBeautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour.
34Zain, ZaynBeauty
35Zainuddinزین الدینGrace of the religion (Islam).
36Zainul Abidinزین العابدینOrnament of the worshippers (of Allah).
40ZakarHandsome, Kind hearted.
41ZakariyaزکریاZachariah - A Prophet
42ZakariyyaA Prophets name (Zakaria)
43ZakawanذکوانAbu Salih as Saman az-Ziyat had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
46ZakiزکیPious, clean.
47Zaki, ZakyPure
48ZakirذاکرRemembering. Grateful.
49Zakiuddinزکی الدینPure (person) of the religion (Islam).
50ZakoorذکورNarrator, speaker.
52ZalandزالندBright, feminine Zalanda.
54ZaloolذلولObedient, submissive.
55ZamaamذمامHonour, right, share, place.
56ZamaarذمارBravery, valour.
57ZamanزمانTime, age, era.
58Zaman Shahزمان شاهKing of the sage.
60ZamiضامیHelper, supporter.
61ZamilزمیلCompanion, friend.
62ZaminضامنOne who stands surety for another one who helps.
63ZamirضمیرHeart, mind, conscience.
64ZamiruddinضمیرالدینHeart of the religion (Islam).
65ZamuradزمردA green precious stone.
66ZamurahضمرهSparkle of light, fire; Name of companion.
67ZamzamضمضمAbu-Zamzam was the name of Al-Madini, a man of an early Islam, about him amusing enecdotes were told.
68Zar GulزرگلGold Flower.
69ZaraanزارانFlow of river.
71ZaramزرمOne in Thousand.
74ZarayضارعObedient, submissive.
75ZarbatزربتGold Lamp.
76ZardabزردابGold Water.
77ZarfظرفPot, calibre, wisdom, rank.
81ZarhgayزرگیLittle Heart.
82ZarifظریفElegant, witty, graceful.
83Zarinزرينof Gold, made of.
84ZarkanayزرکاڼېGold Stone.
85ZarleshزرلېشBorder made of gold.
86ZarmastزرمستZar - Gold, Mast - Excitement
88ZarrarضرارBrave, Courageous. A great muslim warrior.
89ZaryabزریابRich, wealthy.
91ZawaadذوادMan of self-respect, noble.
92ZawarزوارPilgrim, visitor of a shrine.
93ZayaamذیامHonour, right, share, place.
94ZayanزیانBeauty, prettiness.
95ZaydIn abundance, plentiful.
96ZaydanزیدانGrowth and increase.
97ZaytoonزیتونOlive (Tree/fruit).
98ZebزیبBeauty, decoration, decorum.
99ZebadiyahAllah's gift.
100Zee Shahذی شاهRespected
101ZeebaqزیبقMercury, silver.
103ZgardزږردWithout Fear.
104ZhobinژوبینKind of spear.
105ZiaضیاءLight, glow, illumination, splendour.
106Ziad, ZiyadSuper abundance
108Ziarmalزيار ملHardworker.
109ZiaudSplendor, light.
110ZiauddinضیاءالدینLight of the religion i.e. Islam.
111Ziaul HaqضیاءالحقLight of the Truth i.e. Allah.
112Ziaur RahmanضیاءالرحمٰنLight of the most Gracious i.e. Allah.
113ZihniذھنیIntellectual, cerebral.
114ZillظلShadow, shade.
115Zillullahظل اللهShadow of Allah.
116Zillur Rahmanظل الرحمٰنShadow of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
117ZiyaamزیامRespect, Right
118ZiyadزیادIncrease, addition, surplus.
119ZiyadaزیادهIncrease, addition, surplus, plenty.
120Ziyadatullahزیادت اللهSurplus bestowed by Allah.
121ZmarakزمرکLittle Lion.
124ZohairBest friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).
125ZohoorظھورAppearance, ostentation.
126Zohoorul Bariظھورالباریostentation of the Creator i.e. Allah
129ZubaidزبیدThe diminutive of zubd, meaning cream, butter etc..
130ZubairزبیرDiminutive of Zubrah, small piece of iron, a brave and wise person.
131Zubair, ZubayrStrong, powerful, smart
132ZubayrIt's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam.
133ZuehbClever Minded.
134ZufarزفرLion, a brave person, an army.
137ZuhairزھیرSmall flower.
138Zuhair, ZuhayrBright, having flowers
140ZuhoorظھورFame, splendour, emergence.
141ZukaذکاThe sun, dawn, morning.
142ZukauddinذکاءالدینSun of the religion (Islam).
143ZukaullahذکاءاللهSun of Allah.
144Zukaur RahmanذکاءالرحمٰنSun of Rahman i.e. Allah.
145Zul KiflذوالکفلA Prophet of Allah.
146Zul Qarnaynذوالقرنین"Owner of the two horns" i.e. world conqueror, epithet of a just king mentioned in the Quran.
147ZulaymظلیمIbn-Hutayt was a narrator of Hadith with this name.
148ZulfaqarذوالفقارThe cleaver of vertebrae. Name of a sword presented to Ali (R.A.) by Muhammad.
149ZulfatزلفتFriendship, nearness, status.
150ZulfiزلفیHandle of a sword.
151ZulfiqarSword name of Hazart Ali.
152Zunnoonذوالنون'Lord of the fish', an epithet of Prophet Yunus i.e. Jonah who was swallowed by a big fish and later rescued by the grace of Allah.
153ZushimalainذوالشمالینName of a Sahabi RA.
154ZutiزوطیName of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah

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