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A collection of muslim new born Baby Boy names started by letter N

# English Arabic Meaning
1Na'ilAcquirer, earner.
2NaabihنابهNoble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
4NaadirDear, Rare, Precious.
5NaaqidناقدA critic, a reviewer, a fault founder.
6NaaseناصعClear, pure, white.
7NabeelنبیلHandsome, intelligint, dexterous, one who isskilled in archery.
9Nabhan, NabihNoble, outstanding
10NabiنبیProphet sent by Allah for the guidance of mankind.
11Nabi Bakhshنبی بخشGift of the Prophet.
12NabighنابغDistinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person.
14NabihنبیهFamous, noble, outstanding, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
15NabilنبیلNoble, high born, honourable, intelligent, dexterous, one skilled in archery.
16Nabil, NabeelNoble
17Nabiullahنبی اللهAn epithet of the Prophet Nuh.
18NadeemندیمIntimate friend, boon companion, courtier.
20NadimFriend, companion.
21Nadim, NadeemFriendly, entertaining
22NadirنادرExtraordinary, rare, dear, exceptional.
24NaeemنعیمHappiness, comfort, ease, tranquil, felicity, peaceful, bliss, pleasure, bounty, anything given as gift.
25Naeemullahنعیم اللهGrace of Allah, bliss of Allah.
26NaefنیفExcess, surplus.
28NafeesنفیسRefined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
29NafiنافعBeneficial, advantageous, profitable.
32NahyanنهیانStopper, the one who says to avoid.
34NaifناﺋفExalted, lofty, eminent, superior.
35NailناﺋلWinner, gainer.
36NaimناعمOne who lives a good life, who lives proudly.
37NajaatنجاتRescue, salvation, deliverance.
39NajairLittle Star.
43NajeehنجیحSound, good (opinion).
44NajiناجیSaved, liberated, safe.
45NajibنجیبExcellent, noble, distinguished, praiseworthy, generous, aristocratic.
46Najib, NajeebOf noble descent
47Najib-ud-Dinنجیب الدینDistinguished (person) of religion.
48Najibullahنجیب اللهDistinguished (servant) of Allah.
49NajidناجدOne who helps, supports.
50NajihناجحSuccessful, prosperous.
51Najillahناجی اللهSaved by Allah. An epithet of Prophet Nuh.
52Najiullahنجی اللهIntimate friend of Allah.
54NajjiنجیIntimate friend, bosom friend.
55NajmنجمStar, planet.
56Najm al DinStar of the faith
57Najmuddawlahنجم الدولهStar of the state.
58Najmuddinنجم الدینStar of the religion (Islam).
59NamanOld Arabic name
60NamdarنامدارRenowed, famous.
61NameerنمیرPure, clear, healthy, good.
62NamirنمرLeopard, tiger, panther.
63NamoodنمودSample, model, paragon.
66NaqiنقیPure, clean.
67NaqibنقیبPresident, head, chief.
68NaqidناقدA critic; a reviewer; a fault-finder.
69NaqitناقطSalih bin Aasim had this name.
70NaqqashنقاشArtist, A famous player of Pakistan: Tahir Naqqash.
71NasarنصرHelp, Support
72NaseebنصیبName of Ibn Rabah al-Thaqati a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
73NaseefThe just one.
74NaseemنسیمGentle wind, fresh air, fragrant air, zephyr, a cool breeze.
75NaseerنصیرHelper, protector, patron.
76Naseeruddinنصیر الدینDefender of the religion (Islam).
77Nashah, NashatGrowing up, youth
78NashatنشاطJoy, Cheer.
79NasheetنشیطEnergetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
80NashirناشرOne who publishes.
81NashitناشطEnergetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
82NashwanنشواںElated, exalted, exuberant.
83NasibنسیبNoble, highborn.
85NasihناصحAdviser, counselor.
86Nasihuddinناصح الدینCounselor of the religion (Islam).
87NasimنسیمFresh air.
88Nasim-ul-Haqنسیم الحقBreeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.
89Nasimuddinنسیم الدینBreeze of the religion (Islam).
90NasirناصرHelper, protector, defender.
91Nasir al DinProtector of the faith
92Nasiruddinناصر الدینDefender of the faith (Islam).
94NasrنصرHelp, aid, support.
95Nasr, NasserVictory
96NasriنصریWinner of victory after victory.
97NasruddinنصرالدینVictory of the religion (Islam).
98NasrullahنصراللهHelp of Allah.
99NasuhSincere, faithful
100NatiqناطقEndowed with speech, eloquent, rational (being), spokesperson.
101NaumanنعمانFlower Beds, Blood; name of the kind of Hirah in Arabia, especially of the last, Numan bin Munzir, also name of a Sahabi (AS).
103NaveedنویدHappy tidings, good news.
104NawabنوابBarron, ruler.
105NawafنوافHigh, lofty.
106Nawaf, NawwafHigh, lofty
107NawazنوازOne who caresses, soothes.
108NawfalنوفلGenerous, old Arabic name for the sea.
109NayabنایابRare, Precious.
110Nayif, NaifHigh, excellent; surplus, abundance
111NayyarنیرBright Star
113NazarنذرA vow, promise made to God; a gift, charity, votive offering.
114NazeefنظیفPure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste.
115NazeerنذیرWarner, Prophet sent by Allah to warn mankind, a courtier.
116NazerناظرBright, radiant, blooming.
117NazihنزیهPure, virtuous, just, honest.
118Nazih, NazeehPure, chaste
119NazimناظمOrganizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administrator, director, a composer of verses.
120Nazim, NazeemArranger, adjuster
121Nazimuddinناظم الدینOrganizer of the religion (Islam).
122NazirObserver, supervisor.
123NazmiنظمیArranger, organizer.
124NematنعمتBlessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.
126NiaziنیازیPetitioner, an afghan tribe.
127NibrasنبرسLamp, light.
130NiharنهارDawn, morning, early day.
131NijadTall, dominant
132Nimatullahنعمت اللهBlessing of Allah.
134NisarنثارTo strew, to sacrifice.
136NishatنشاطMirth, ecstacy.
138NiyazDedication, Offering.
139NizalنضالStriving, contest, competition, battle.
140NizamنظامOrder, arrangement, discipline, ruler, system.
141Nizam-ul-Mulkنظام الملکThe organization of the kingdom.
142NizamatنظامتOrganization, arrangement.
143NizamiنظامیOf or relating to Nizam.
144Nizamuddinنظام الدینDiscipline of the religion (Islam).
145NizarOld Arabic name
146NizzarKeen-eyed, Attention to details.
147NokhezنوخیزNewly bloomed, arising.
148NomanنعمانMen with all blessings of Allah.
149NoohنوحNoah, name of Prophet of Allah.
150NoorنورLight, illumination. Allah's epithet.
151Noor Muhammadنور محمدLight of the Prophet Muhammad.
152NooraliLight of Ali.
153NooriنوریLight, luminous.
154NooruddinنورالدینLight of the religion (Islam).
155Noorul AbsarنورالبصارLight of vision.
156Noorul AynنورالعینLight of the eye
157Noorul HaqنورالحقLight of the Truth i.e. Allah.
158Noorul HudaنورالھدیٰLight of the right guidance (of Allah).
159NoorullahنوراللهLight of Allah.
160Nooruz ZamanنورالزماںLight of the era.
162Nuaim, NuaymName of several of the Prophets companions
163NuaymOne of narrators of Hadith.
164NubaidBringing Happiness.
166NuhA Prophet's name.
167Nuh, NoohA Prophets name (Noah)
168Nuhaid, NuhaydBig
170NumanBlood, red
172Nur al DinBrightness of the faith
173Nur FirdausLight of the Highest Paradise
174Nur-ul-QiblataynLight of the two Qibla.
175NurazThe Treasure Of Noor
176NurdeenLight of the religion.
177NuriShining, brightness.
178Nuri, NooriShining, brightness
179NusaybName of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
180NusayrنصیرIbn al-Farj al-Asaliyy a narrator of Hadith had this name.
181Nusrah, NusratHelp, support
182NusratنصرتHelp, aid, assistance, support.
183Nusratuddinنصرت الدینHelp of the religion (Islam).
184NuzayhنزیهPure, chaste.

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